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Starting it with an orc warlock on Norgannon called Ironmanorc. I'm hoping that a combination of the command racial, healthstones, life stealing etc. will keep me alive. If soulstones don't count as deaths, that will be helpful.
01/10/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Grozzak
Starting it with an orc warlock on Norgannon called Ironmanorc. I'm hoping that a combination of the command racial, healthstones, life stealing etc. will keep me alive. If soulstones don't count as deaths, that will be helpful.

Soulstones and a shaman's res are another thing that haven't been specified, but I think they're kinda out of the spirit of competition.
01/10/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Eldryce
Starting it with an orc warlock on Norgannon called Ironmanorc. I'm hoping that a combination of the command racial, healthstones, life stealing etc. will keep me alive. If soulstones don't count as deaths, that will be helpful.

Soulstones and a shaman's res are another thing that haven't been specified, but I think they're kinda out of the spirit of competition.

Ok. I'll post on Ironmanorc when I can
Ironmanchall, worgen hunter norgannon, is 1 bar from 11. for some reason he doesn't show up on my armory
Will post if it works
Made Ironcow, on a pve newplayer realm, I don't think i'm going to get very far.
Starting Ironmandruid also, tauren druid Norgannon just in case. Armory still wont update to show hunter in my stable
Ha, I got a tauren hunter "Ironcow" on Norgannon too. Was thinking about naming it "Ironmanchall" too
Just to keep everyone up to date (sort of)

As best I can tell, the "serious" contender's field consists of the following toons:

Zen Challenge...Dwarf............Hunter.........7

I'm checking merely leveling progress. I'll let someone else can scann he profiles for "mistakes".

If there are other participants, someone please post their names so they can be added to the list.

If one of the above has already "failed" please also post that.


Hey, now, I'm in on that =p

The only tweak to the rules I'm going by is if a quest mechanic kills me or if Deathwing's random barbecue kills me, than it doesn't count. Also, if a game glitch kills me then it doesn't count. But enemy deaths, falling deaths, et cetera will count. Once that happens I might just dust myself off and continue on as a normal game, because I've never had the opportunity to play a hunter seriously since vanilla lol
Haven't been updated into the system, but Ironalt the Hunter is well on her way. Alliance toon on Area 52 (had to do something a lil different!) and hope to post on her here, soon. But gotta get some sleep to deal with chores for tomorrow.
Well, Ironmanorc is still not updated by the armory, so I'll just give an update.

He's currently level seven and just made it to razor hill where he picked up a new set of clothes with his saved up silver. So far no real close calls.
Warlocks and shamans will have it easiest with their resurrection spells.

Oh, also dk's would be cheating.

I Will Post a Fraps Video on Youtube on when I hit lvl 10

and post a bit more info on My experience

If I had a Reliable Mic It'd be voiced but oh well

I'll do it for every 10 Levels

That's My Channel for now
I'm going to give this a shot.

Made a little troll warrior on Norgannon called Ironelly.
Name: Drlìght
Realm: Norgannon
Current Lvl: 15

Have to say hardest thing is not spending my talent points. xD
Had a close call due to multiple insta spawns while oom. Still truckin' along!
Bodies everywhere... I guess when I had heard that there was trouble in Darkshore I imagined something different. Night elf corpses lined the beach.. one after another. I was working with some of the sentinels to find survivors and we were somewhat successful.. until most of those we found alive died mere hours later.

It is a sorrowful place.. filled with misery and mourning...

It made me weary and my will to fight weakened.. where was this Deathwing anyways? It was then that I met a peculiar little man with an enormous beard and a fantastic accent... a dwarf by the name of Gorbold Steelhand.

It was my first taste of what he called "ale".. it was terrible. Despite that though it warmed my belly and although it didn't steal away any of the tragedy that surrounded us.. it made it somehow better. Gorbold made it easier to laugh as well and was fantastic company. I told him about Azuremyst, the Exodar, my work in Dolanaar.. ha, all that cleansing.

Gorbold: "Don't worry lad! Just take ah look around ya. Look over thar, corrupted crabs. Ha... what da ya know!? Corrupted cats! And let us not forget tha corrupted bears. Thar's plenty of good for a man of your expertise to do around here!"

It was only a few drinks later that word came in.. from the north.. the Shatterspear were attacking.. the Horde? Here? The sentinels began looking for volunteers to meet the enemy; I stood grabbing my staff with pride. If I cannot fight this Deathwing fellow then the next best thing will do.. Trolls.

Sentinel: "This is no laughing matter.. are you sure you are ready to put yourself in this danger?"

Ironwaggle: "Although it may not be a laughing matter, that is of no matter.. the Horde burn just as easily as corrupted cats, bears, crabs, or Furblags.. er Furbalds.. er.. whatever."

I thanked Gorbold and started on my way; a sentinel was waiting to take me to Ruins of Mathystra. It may not be the Horde's doing.. all of this tragedy.. but if they were going to capitalize on the destruction.. they were dead wrong.

<3 Ironwaggle: Queue eye of the tiger music.
Life on the farm hadn't been much by way of exciting. Day in, day out, work till there is no light, learn the basics to survive, and live the best you can from the land. Father wasn't much on names, so when I came into the world, he gave me the best name he'd been able, his own mother's. Altayna was too long for a child, so he'd shortened it to Alt; made it easier to keep track of me, so he said. Time came, though, for me to move on. War was all around us, and even the news of the world torn asunder reached us in our rural area.
"Alt, ye don' have to do this," he'd said as I packed my meager belongings into my pack.
"I have to, Pa. There's nothin' here for me." I'd decided to wear my best clothing; better to look like more than a poor farmer than to come in all dirty and grimy. Bad enough I was going to be traveling hard to get to Northshire where all the recruits were going. "I wanna make a mark on this world. While there still is a world," I'd added, turning to look at him. He stood in the doorway of my room, leaning against the wood with his weather worn clothing d%#%%*% his frame. By no means a small man, he took up a goodly amount of space wherever he stood.
"All right," he sighed, finally, as if swallowing a dreadful truth. "I give ye mah blessin', child. But if ye'ver git scared, er yer fear gnaws at you, remember that I'm proud of ye, and that ye can always come home." Tears stung my eyes as I nodded, then embraced him. One of the few times that he ever embraced me back, and it squeezed the breath and tears from my eyes.
"I'll write," I promised, "and I'll try to visit as often as I can." I could hear the scoff he let out through his chest.
"Alt, child, ye know I can't read." We laughed a bit at that, then stepped back from one another. "Take Ironeye with you. You'll need a friend."
I wrinkled my nose. "That mangy mutt? I'd rather have my bow."
"Aye, ye'll take that, as well. Dun know what they'll be havin' ye do at Northshire. But these are dark times, and ye'll need a trustworthy companion."
I paused. "My bow?" I ducked as the swat came for my shoulder, and I grabbed my pack. "C'mon, Ironeye!" I could hear the scuffling of claws on the wooden floor as the wolf jumped up to follow me out the door. I picked up the old crossbow I'd been using since I was a wee lass and slung it over my shoulder along with my pack. I started down the dirt road, not daring to look back lest my courage broke and I ran back, forgetting the world.

Northshire proved to be less than impressive when I rounded the bend of the rocky hills it hid behind. We'd passed it whenever we'd gone to Goldshire to trade or receive mail, never stopping, though, just in case they decided that we were worthy of recruiting. Now I stood on the trail, looking at the stone structure that would serve as home for the next few weeks. "Well, Ironeye, there it is." I continued to stand there, watching the movement of people as they went about their tasks.
"Psst." I looked about on the ground, looking for a snake. "PSST!" I startled realizing that it was at least level with my own ear. I looked about, and came face-to-face with...well, now I wasn't sure what it was, since it was green, with teeth bared and tusks drooling. Red eyes blinked at me, and huge hands came up in a placating gesture. "Whoa! Sorry." The voice was rough, and the words thick with an accent that I couldn't place. I jumped back, swinging my crossbow down and bringing it up to bear.
"What are you!?"
"Hey, whoa, stop. Thirsty."
"For what? Blood?"
"Water." I had to blink a few times, and wonder if I'd gotten dirt in my ears. Slowly, I lowered my crossbow, then reached back for the canteen attached to my pack. I leaned forward as far as my body would allow, holding the canteen by the strap. Those red eyes never left my hand as it watched, and a tongue, rough and pink, licked the lips around the tusks. Just as slowly, the creature reached for the canteen as well, taking the strap gingerly as I let it go. It backed up a few steps, then undid the stopper and drank the contents. "Sorry it's warm," I said, studying the, well, I'd have had to say it was male, since it didn't have the same body structure as myself. The only sounds were the gulping noises that he made as he drained my canteen of liquid. "What are you?"
"Karbin," he sighed, and held out my canteen. I took it back, making a mental note to thoroughly clean the opening.
"I'd never heard of a Karbin. What's your name?"
"Yes, I know you're a Karbin. What is your name?"
"Karbin." I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly while I counted to ten. I held out my hand, smiled, and said, "I'm Altayna. What is your name?"
He looked at my hand, then raised his, looking at it, then held it out, mirroring me. "Altayna."
"No, I'm Altayna." I took his hand, which he startled at, held it firm, and shook it. "I"m Altayna, who are you?" He tilted his head, much like Ironeye would whenever I would talk to him. I pointed at myself. "Altayna." I pointed at him.
"Karbin." He gave me a grin, at least, I thought it was a grin, and I smiled back.
The sound of hoofbeats reached my ears, and I turned to the sound. Karbin, or whoever or whatever he was, dropped my hand and disappeared quickly into the bushes. I'd barely had time to register his leaving when a company of five armed men rounded the bend in the road. They managed to rein in before they ran me over. "What are you doing here?" the leader demanded.
"I'm here to join the Alliance," I replied, slinging my crossbow back over my shoulder. Just stopped for a drink."
"Well, get your !@# to the abbey, recruit! There are orcs about, and we don't need any deaths before we've had a chance to break you in."
I didn't like the sound of that, but I didn't argue, and only nodded then began down the road again. The horses formed a wall at my back, and I glanced back past them to see if I could spot Karbin in the bushes. A green-skinned arm raised out of the leaves and waved as I went around the bend.
Woot level 15, So far no problems. The key is slow and steady. Pulling one at a time.

edit:Not in a guild so I'm not sure why it is showing I am.

Ah, just hasn't updated. I kept getting that last night. Should update if you log out of game, and back in, but there again... who knows? Your character information page is all correct, though.
Can't post on her yet. Ironsherri on Bladefist. She's a wee bitty level 7.
YAY!!! I'm updated! WOOT

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