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01/10/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Ironmanchall
Was thinking, we should have all joined the same realm and started a guild. it would take a long time to get any guild benefits anyways. Then we could have first hand tracking of our progress.

A guild called The Iron Man Challenge, or something similar.
This is an awesome thread, thanks for all the stories everyone :)
I accept the challenge, if only to renew my flagging interest in the game. I'm heading to Area 52, with the name Ironalt. Not sure what I'll be using, Alliance or Horde, but we'll see how this goes. Good luck to all and I will be posting from time to time.
Wow, I am In for a rough time. I thought it was going to be easy, Cogshank forces was seemingly easy. The leper gnomes, the toxic... things, the troggs all seemed to drop like flies.

Then IT happened, I was running through a cave, infested with troggs, feeling confident. So confident in fact that I decided to take them on two at a time. But... My confidence shattered when I heard an, Unfamiliar, language shouting at me. I had run into a Troll known as Great Father Arctikus, My over confidence directing me, I charged right into battle with the troll and within a few of this trolls brutal strikes I found myself struggling to keep myself up. Luckily I was barely able to heal myself in time before he struck the last blow. The fight lasted for awhile, but I finally won. I was exhausted, I couldn't find the energy to heal myself after that fight so I just waited for my wounds to heal.

I consider it a Miracle that I was able to survive that encounter and since then I haven't taken any more risks like that, I am in for a long journey... I just hope I make it.

Yes I know I'm bad at this, but I need to start somewhere : /
I actually almost died at lvl 4 due to the previously mentioned Great Father Arctikus, I lived with about 20% health left and barely any mana. Note to self, rare mobs are trouble, especially when they are 2 lvls above you.
Other than that I'm making slow, but steady progress, I haven't had any other near death experiences, In fact if I dare say it, its kinda easy right now...

Watch me die now that I say that.
Ok, here's the toon I'm trying this challenge on.

By the way, I'm hoping and assuming that it's ok if my pet dies. Also, making a guild might be fun....but would be against the rules. So I hope to see everyone's stories here.
This is Savethetunaa from the earlier post, now posting on my Iron man character :D
Would like to be added to the list of players!

Will post when dinging 15 and 20!
I'm going to try to not break any rules this time.
Think I'm gonna try this. Stuff I've thought of so far:
-Hunter is probably the easiest class to do this on because of how well a pet with Growl can tank. Especially a bear or turtle or something.
-Night Elf and Worgen seem to be the two best races based on racials. Shadowmeld and the speed boost are both nice. Goblins might be the best bet Horde side for the two rocket abilities. Don't even try Forsaken, Tirisfal will rip you apart.
-Stealth could be very useful, so Rogues and Ferals have an advantage. Ferals also get instant flight form, healing, and bear form for emergencies. Druids can also be both Nelves and Worgen.
-Be careful in Hellfire. Those Fel Reavers are huge, but they can still sneak up on ya.

I don't wanna take the easiest possible route here, so I think I'm gonna try and go with a Draenei priest. The early levels will be tough, but they have an easy start zone compared to several others, and the ability to heal myself will help.

Made it to level 6 without anything particularly exciting happening. I'll post here on the character I'm using once the forum recognizes her existance. The name is Ironeldryce.
I never liked Azuremyst Isle. I swear we've been cleansing it for years now since the Exodar's crash landing. So I didn't waste much time there and once I had completed a few easy tasks I was on my way to the Exodar and adventures unknown! Once there I bid Velen "thank you" and "farewell"; I was off to Darnassus.

I had hoped I wouldn't of had too much trouble finding work in Darnassus for Azeroth's next great hero but to my surprise found none at all. A few strangers were nice enough to point me east towards a city called Dolanaar; they were certain I would find tasks available there.. and on my way I went.

Once there I easily found work yet it did little to keep me entertained; just like Azuremyst, cleanse this, cleanse that, turn a demon into a frog... some furblogs.. or was it furhogs.. whatever; as usual they were corrupted by something and I put fireball after fireball to use to help out my new friends, the night elves, deal with these and other corrupted creatures like swamp elemental thingys that had cancer. Nothing works on corruption or cancer like fireballs.

For the most part I didn't really feel much in danger once I had mastered the use of frost. Prior to that however I nearly met my end to a formidable foe and his friend; a beast by the name of Agal.. you guessed it, a corrupted Furdog. I had easily defeated his friend but found the beast bearing down on me with the full might of his vicious blows... my fire and arcane blasts were simply not powerful enough. I called upon the light to heal me and began to run... my life in the balance the beast relented... only to be destroyed by a nearby druid who had been watching me.

Now out of work in Dolanaar I have planned to make the journey back to Darnassus. I'm told that a great cataclysm has struck the mainland; a perfect opportunity to show the true depths of my skills and abilities...

<3 Ironwaggle: If they ask me to cleanse anything I am so going to hang out with the humans.
Started my own just now say hi :) i am by no means creative enough to come up with the diaries and stuff but i will keep updating as i go along

Ironphilth alliance hunter Eldre'Thalas lvl2
Ok, I got this toon to 6, but I decided I want an Iron name....she doesn't show up yet, but her name is Ironic, I'll show up here on her soon as I can. This toon here has actually been deleted!
I'm gonna do it with a draenei hunter. the extra heal will hopefully be usefull along with feign death. Do pet talents count?
01/10/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Grozzak
I'm gonna do it with a draenei hunter. the extra heal will hopefully be usefull along with feign death. Do pet talents count?

Not entirely clear, but I think the spirit of the challenge says No Pet Talents
Yeah, the rules don't say you can't, but I'd skip out on pet talents personally.
I'm gonna do it with a draenei hunter. the extra heal will hopefully be usefull along with feign death. Do pet talents count?

Not entirely clear, but I think the spirit of the challenge says No Pet Talents

Its just that the abilities that make pets useful are all in the talent trees. I mean, you wouldn't tell a warlock to turn off his void walker's taunt, yet at later levels hunter pets require some oomphing from the talent tree. Maybe without my own talents I won't pull too much threat.

BTW, I think the warlock's soulstone and the shaman's ressurection thingy should be used to circumvent the death rule since they are class abilities that lore-wise would help them cheat death.
Too bad this makes leveling in Vashj'ir pretty much out of the question with that Last Stand quest. =|
I have die at level 13, and will reroll with a paladin.
omg, will hit lvl 6 as soon as the copter drops me in ironforge...but slow going...haha

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