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prot pal with resil gear for rbgs looking for a team.
01/25/2012 09:46 PMPosted by Albinorogue
Too the frost dk w/ the dual Niffz. When you got to Northrend in Arch how long did it take to get em both?! Trying to lvl my arch but its so damn boring and idk if it's even worth it....

It's a huge pain in the !@#. You have to level archaeology on two different toons. You then have to farm Vrykul artifacts for hours untill you get the axe, then you have to get the artifacts to finally solve it.

I did the first archaeology on an 85 mage, which wasn't too bad. I could port close to most digsites. Then I did it on a warrior which sucked $%^ having to fly everywhere. He's a miner, so I mined everything I could, which got me a hefty profit :)

So.....depending on how long you can farm arch at one time, a couple weeks. I farmed for about 4 hours every night
I'm too attached to my alts still... might go for a 1-70 rush next weekend when I decide which one to delete, lmao.

Will drop you a line soon.
I'm gonna be staying in the 70 bracket for a while.... unfortunately I'm in a different realm. :/ But I could come along for raids/BGs if you have my Real ID added. I'm a Holy/Shadow priest. Shadow for pvp, Holy for groups and AV. Just let me know. :)
Bump :) <3 this guild
Hands down best guild I've ever been in
bump :D
pew pew pew JOIN! its awesome!
Just to anybody curious, we will NOT be queuing official RBGs with realid friends unless we do not have enough guildies to fill out our team. Guild members will always have a priority.
Used to love the 70s bracket, had a separate BC account just for it. All that's left is this paladin I moved to my main account once Blizz ruined the BC capped accounts.

I may move over and try you guys out, the player base is what makes the bracket so fun.
We're always here. We aren't actively recruiting for RBGs so if you are looking for a spot on an RBG team, you may want to look for other options. We are here for anything else though.
Arenas bore me, so RBGs aren't a necessity for me either. I'll get back to it after I complete a few side projects.
bump for pallys with wings

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