[A] <Prophecy Reborn> 5/8H Recruiting!

Earthen Ring
<Prophecy Reborn> is an established raiding guild on the alliance side of Earthen Ring currently at 5/8 Heroic Dragonsoul in progression. We have decided that with the impending release of Mists of Pandaria within the next few months, to open recruitment for a large portion of roles and classes. We currently field a main raid each week, and multiple non main raids each week. With the addition of new raiders/non-raiders, we plan to expand our raiding roster to fit all of our needs as well as maintain the raiding desires of our members.

Short-term goals:
- Recruit that which we need in order to continue progression in Heroic Dragonsoul.
- Expand our roster so that we may move forward with Mists of Pandaria upon release.

Long-term goals:
- Build a community within the community of Earthen Ring that is enjoyable to be a part of.
- Tackle content in MoP as it is current and compete for server first achievements.
- Participate in all forms of content including (but not limited to) Raiding (Heroic content), PvP (rated teams and world PvP), Transmog contests, and much, much more.

Recruitment needs for Heroic Dragonsoul:
- High emphasis on ranged dps (especially mages, boomkins, spriests, and elemental shamans).
- Medium Emphasis on healers (particuarly priests).
- Low Emphasis on melee dps and tanks.

Recruitment needs for MoP content:
- open recruitment for all classes/roles.

We are currently also looking for members for rated battleground teams that run on a consistent basis.

With the current limitations to our specific recruitment for Cataclysm, we do consider all exceptional players, regardless of class/role.

If you have any further questions, contact myself (Myssiani) or one of the officers (Merciana, Bloodwiser, Gvendalyn, Jiern, Lailinnia, Isolator), or visit our website at http://prophecyreborn.guildlaunch.com
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Main page needs an update, Myss.

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Now with 1/8 Heroic freshness!

In desperate need of heals for our alt/second 10 man. Like yesterday.
Join now, before I stop wiping the raids with my uberbadness!
Bumpage for heroic glass chewing... yummy and low in fat too !!!

Great guild with many different types of people! We have 3-4 full DS 10 man clears a week, one of which also does work on heroic modes. If you are looking to raid, do pvp, or even just play the game casually I would highly recommend them.
thanks for the positive bump Adelynn
Bumpage for a heroic ultraxion kill tonight.. I hope
If people show up on time >.>

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