[H] <Earthbound> 6/8 HM 25M DS LFM's PVE/PVP

Earthbound is a newly transferred guild to Stormreaver (formerly Exodus of Kel’Thuzad).

Our leadership is provided by players that come from several different successful raiding guilds which include but are not limited to Ministry, Exodus, and Bellum Aeternus on the Kel’Thuzad server. Our membership includes long time players who have had much success in both PvP and PvE content.

We are dedicated to offering a competitive raiding and PvP team environment for all our members which allows players to earn their positions based skill, attitude, compatibility, etc. We are currently 1/8HM Dragon Soul (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/Stormreaver/earthbound).

Cataclysm Content:
BWD: 7/7H
BOT: 5/5H (Sinestra)
TO4W: 2/2H
FL: 7/7N, 7/7H
DS: 8/8N, 6/8H

We expect our members regardless of guild rank, to behave with maturity. Racist, sexist and otherwise offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Your behavior when you are wearing the <Earthbound> tag reflects directly on the guild. Don’t embarrass us.

We stick to a fairly loose raid schedule raiding 3 to 4 days a week. Raid nights are generally Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with clean up on Mondays depending upon progression and raiders’ availability. Raid times are 8:00 pm – 12:00 am server time with invites starting at 7:30 pm (we expect first pull – not your invite - to be at 8:00 pm). Thursdays are PvP/RBG nights (additional schedules TBD by PvP lead). All of these schedules are subject to change depending upon the content, and what the guild objectives are at the time.

Loot is distributed through a loot council system that is 100% fair and rewards players for their effort not how long they've been with us. That being said there is a 2 week trial period in which an applicant may not receive loot over an established raider, this is in place so we can test a player fully and not throw loot out the window if an applicant decides to jump ship.

Even though we have selective recruiting at this time we encourage all exceptional players to apply. Applications can still be submitted on our old forums http://exoduskt.com/index.php or by contacting an officer online or through the in game mail system.

Guild mergers are not out of the question at all. The more the merrier!

Current PVP Recruiting Needs: Contact Compensator
Flag Carrier - Prot Warrior or exceptional Blood DKCurrent PVE Recruiting Needs: Contact Mephit, Zoya/Koyana, Slots, or Nervous
Druid - Feral dps: Medium/High
Druid - Moonkin: Medium/High
Druid - Tank: Medium/High
Shaman - Enhancement: Medium/High

other classes will be seriously considered providing the individual shows a solid understanding of their character/class/role, and a true commitment to progress and seeing content.
Bump! We have discussed doing multiple 10m groups instead of 25m- really just depends on the playerbase needs. If we do so one more excellent tank would be nice also. If you are a good shadowpriest (pve) or good resto shaman (pvp), then wtb you :)
miss you guys </3
Come to Stormreaver then brek, kt is a hell hole :) Also, bump!
If you guys will let me join again, I'll be on the way.
merged with Ad Hominem, still need a shadow priest, possibly a kitty.

Free bump.

Nice to see you so involved Slots
Bamfious shut up and kiss me..ffs <3

Need a skilled Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, Ele Shaman, Feral Druid.
I am awesome
that is all
Bamfious shut up and kiss me..ffs <3

What is this..I don't even...

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