Spectral Tigers and more!

I've recently acquired 2 more Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger's. From what I can tell there are about 20 left on all AH's worldwide. The item is becoming more and more scarce. With all available on US markets and none on the EU trade.

(Make sure to "Hide Zero Quantities")

If you still want one I'm willing to sell at 400k. The other will be significantly more expensive.

Sale on the first is pending. The other I'll be holding on to for a long while. Thanks for looking.
bumping for this gentleman
Updated quantities and prices!
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That's a lot of mounts...free bump
Hey thanks!
Do you have any tigers for sale at the moment? I see the original post has some listed, but you talk about selling them later on in the thread.

Just wonderin' :-)
I had come across some. But, they've sold since then. Sorry
Cujos I have a amani dragon hawk for sale for 145k gold and a Deathcharger's rein for 95k gold let me know if your interested in buying them.
I'd be willing to buy them if you're willing to cut the price in half or something closer to that. I don't buy at full price to sell at the same price or less. Sorry. Let me know in game if you want to discuss it further. Thanks much!
Razziael + Rooster = Azeroths destruction. /////bump
Thanks for the bump. Also, the tiger I had sold within 12 hours. Gotta be quick and we prepared if you want one. They're getting tougher to get lately. There's still plenty of Magic Roosters (for now). Get it while you can!
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amani dragon hawk for sale for 130k gold cheapest i could go

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