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Found a tank for tonight! However, still recruiting a full-time tank position for future raids!
Found an -awesome- new member, Kilaine! Thank you so much for joining our guild and tanking with us tonight!

On that note, we managed to get two new bosses down! Hurray for a solid raid group! :D
A solid raid group you say? Wooooooo!
It's the end of the world as we know it.......and I feel fine... woot woot that means more raids with my We Take Candlers.
<3 you Temari! xD

Anyway, one of our healers wishes to go DPS. We're not the kind of guild to make anyone play something they don't like- so yay for them!

BUT in light of that, we now need a solid, consistent healer to join our raid team! Our current two healers are myself, a Holy Priest & a Monk. So we'd really love a Paladin, Druid or Shaman healer to join us! Have a Healer/DPS toon? That'd be even BETTER as many fights require only two healers. : )

If you're interested, send me a message in-game OR fill out an app on our website!
*peers out into the forums* I know you are out there healers. *holds up a candle* Come to the light! hehehe
Bump for heals! We're raiding tomorrow and would love to test out a lovely healer. : )
This is what I get for not paying attention lately.

Anyway, a bit late, but, kinda shiny paladin here. =)
<3 <3 <3


We Take Candle is looking forward to this shiny new year of 2013!

Edited our recruitment topic. Our raid group is essentially full for those interested in raiding, but like always we happily will take in any mature individuals who enjoy a casual atmosphere! Help our small but friendly guild grow! : )
Cannot sleep so instead I shall just post a BIG thank you to mah guildies. We had a very successful Secret Santas event this year! Now I'm going to rub my hands together to try to stay warm in this freezing apartment and think of another fun event to hold! :3
Are you in We Take Candle? No? That's disappointing. To everyone.

Everyone is disappointed in you.

Ahem. I mean...

Changing up how we raid around here, but it doesn't change the fact that we're a social PvE guild! : ) Working to add more guild LFR days too!
Lavi your hat scares me :( :( :(
I'm sorry my dear. I promise I only eat tasty... non-bears! 0:3

Currently recruiting a tank (prefer with a DPS offspec) and a ranged DPS!

We are looking for a consistent individual who can attend our Sunday & Monday raids on a regular basis. If you can, please do contact one of us in-game or apply on our website!
Just a note, we could use a tank for our Sunday & Monday raid this week. Even if you are not interested in joining the guild, but would be available for those days, let me know. : )
Tonight we raid at 5:30 server time!

We still need a tank and a ranged DPS to join us! Even if you cannot make Monday, feel free to contact us and perhaps we can at least get a Sunday raid going. : )
Please check out our website and fill out an application if you're interested! If you have questions, don't hesitate to poke one of our officers as well!
We currently are in need of either a Hunter or a Shadow Priest! This would be for a core spot in our friendly raid team and our monk will love you forever.

We currently clear Vaults and are working on HoF. We're looking for someone who can commit to Mondays & Sundays 80-90% of the time and wants to have fun with us! :D

If interested, contact an officer in game or simply fill out an application on our website!

: ) We need someone THIS week lock out so apply early and come hop in!
We also -could- work with a Disc Priest or Resto Shaman as well if there happens to be one of those out there looking for a home. : )
Bump for a nice, friendly recruitment post.

Good luck to you folks :)

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