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Wyrmrest Accord
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Come on Hunters and Shadow Priests you know you wanna join us. You know do a little pew pew, kill some bosses, get some loots, and have a blast take'n some candles with us. ;)
Edited again.

We're still looking for another person for our core raid team! Would love a hunter or shadow priest, but we also would be happy to take a healer- priest or shaman, as well. : )

Apply today!
Still looking for a Hunter, S. Priest, Healy Priest or Resto Shaman! : )

This week we did 6/6 in Vaults and the first two bosses of HoF! Next week we'll be working on Garalon.
We have a blast this week stabbing HoF a few times, will likely have Garalon done this week. :3 Then on Monday we decided to lolrush through Heroic DS! It was so much fun! TAKE THAT OLD CONTENT.

As always, we'd love any new members who would like to join a social PvE guild! : )
Sadly & happily one of our raiders has found their dream job! HURRAY FOR THEM! :D

Unfortunately, this means they can no longer raid with us due to time restrictions. So, once again we are opening our doors for...

A Hunter/ Ele Shaman/ Shadow Priest OR HolyDisc Priest / Resto Shaman / Resto Druid

Join our core raid team! We have fully cleared Vaults and are working on Garalon. If you're interested in a fun but dedicated atmosphere, please fill out an application on our website! For any questions, hit us up in-game!

Tell your friends! XD

- Lavi
Bump! We can flex our raid a little (aka I can go DPS if a healer would like to join us.)

Still looking to fill that last spot!
Made an edit to our recruitment needs. : )
You should probably specify that the hunter would need a sporebat. Otherwise, Raizushi is apt to cry about his haste buff.
And seeing a sad panda is one of the saddest things you could see. A head of that would be my dps xD
Raiz's tears are no more! xD

Friendly patch bump! : )
Awesome job to our raid team! They've finished HoF and now will begin working on Terrace. They also managed to down the first boss in Throne of Thunder. 4 new bosses in two nights (including a full clear) is SUPER impressive to me so awesome job you guys! Especially a two-shot on Empress! :O

We also have a new screenshot contest up and running for our guild with gold as prizes that our officers will be judging. : )

April will be a little rough with myself and one of our other healers having a strange schedule, so we're looking to recruit a healer for that month. Doesn't have to join the guild either. Would just like to have a strong heal to fill that spot as we two heal most of our fights.
Hey hey. :3 I'm not sure if I'm what you're looking for, but it sounds like you're having trouble finding a replacement healer, so might as well try!

I'm a new player catching up and hitting end-game content for the first time. It is very exciting! But, also, I am not very experienced. It sounds like you won't need a pinch hitter until April, so I'd have the rest of March to practice, get to know everyone, and try to bring my performance up to something approaching what you're looking for. I've got a lot of free time at the moment, so I'm hoping to hit 90 in a day or two and start updating my gear.

If you're willing to take a chance on a new raider, I would be super grateful and do my best to contribute. If not, no worries! I realize it's a long shot. c: Cheers.
Spousebump, courtesy of Mrs. Karlek.

These are good folk, our friendly neighborhood candle thieves. They kick pixels, they take epics and they have a lot of fun doing it. They're definitely worth a look for anyone looking to raid successfully without the headaches of being sprsrs. (Vowels are for casuals, scrubs!)
Yay! Thanks for the friendly bump, Mrs Karlek! :3

As always, our guild is open to friendly people who want to join a fun, social guild!
Last night we went into Terrace for the very first time and managed to down the first 3 bosses! It was a blast! I even managed to help keep the little bonzai tree alive. -hugs it-

...I need to hurry up and put the kill pictures up though. /slacker

Tonight we go back and try our best with the Sha of Fear! Probably will also take down Jin again in ToT to get some moar gear. :3
Sha of Fear was successfully omnomed. Alas, we took all of his candles too.

Next week our fun raid will start! A lot of our members are looking forward to it. : ) We also plan on trying to get farther into Throne of Thunder, although our raiders still need gear so Terrace will still be on our schedule.

As always, looking for more people to join the guild!
Had a fun LFR night last night! It was crazy trying some of the new stuff. xD

/sobs in a corner

Okay, he didn't *really* leave us, but he officially is in Hawaii and thus he won't be on nearly as much. Or around my apartment, leaving me alone and cold where it's apparently SNOWING STILL. GO AWAY WINTER.


ANYWAY... had a good night full clearing Terrace yesterday! Our guest healer Prikka was teh awesomesauce and I'm so happy she decided to help us out! Going to poke some trolls tonight and then later in the week we have a scheduled fun raid for our casual members and a LFR! :D
Had our fun raid this week as well! It was pretty... well, um, for lack of a better word... fun!

Friendly neighborhood message hoooo!
I am sick but I am proud to say that we had outstanding members join in our fun activities this week to make sure things went smooooothly.

: D

As always, welcoming sociables!

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