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It is bird-man!...... errr bird-woman rather!
This past Monday we embraced a lovely Leviticus into our raid- thanks so much for coming in and healing with us! Always fun to have a friendly, awesome sparkly pup! (Pick Up Person!)

Managed to get down Gunship 2.0 which was a blast, especially given how it was our first time waving at the angry Tauren with his northern men upon dragons... which makes me peer at Skyrim a little.

ANYWHO... looking forward to next week! Check us out if you want fun, tacos and good ole'casual raiding!
Sunday we are doing LFR as a guild!

Doesn't that sound fun? You know it does. You know what, you know you like to heal and you want to come... -shifty eyes-
Monday means Dragon Soul night! Full group going save for one open spot for a healer, which no doubtedly we'll look to some of our friends to fill. Still recruiting as always!

I leave you with a Valentine's Day card I drew!

:3 Have a happy card day tomorrowz in advance!
I love it Nai!
Ew! Zerg! Ew!

Protoss are far better imnho. They have cannon rushed their way to my heart <3.
I know to some this isn't a major achievement, due to having already downed Deathwing BUT I must, as a proud guild momma, send out my love and affection to my guildies!

Last week we managed to down Ultraxion for the first time, as he seemed to be our major hurdle due to an inconsistent raid schedule and gear needs. Not only did we down Ultraxion, but we went on to down Gunship as well that night. This week it was our goal to get attempts in at Spine and we were eager due to a (finally!) consistent raid group... and not only did we get spine down in two tries, but then we went on to kill Deathwing with only a few attempts as well!

I am SO proud! For a guild that raids casually once a week with people who are not exposed to a raiding environment often- something like that is pretty cool in my eyes. : ) So thank you dearies for being awesome and making me proud. I hope you guys all enjoy your epic red gem gifts I bestowed upon you all as thanks. :D Looking forward to full clearing next Monday!

Waaaaaaiiiiit a cotton picking minute!
Few attempts on Madness? Try 2! He was down on the third one.

Down, out, and Candleless!
*Noms on tacos.
We officially have a full raid team!

However, we're always accepting members who just want be in the guild for the casual PvE and always any guildie can come to our group LFR day! We're also a good fit for those who like to chat on vent in the evenings~


Created just for my guildies! :D
Sadly our Warlock is cramming for his medical school test tomorrow. Something about pathology... doesn't sound important to us BUT ALAS we will allow him to study.

So we need a DPS for tonight's run! If you're interested, send me an in-game mail and/or be on at least 15 minutes before 5 PM and send me a whisper. Ranged only plox.
Had another fun raid week! BUT FOR UPDATES...

One of our healers, a shaman, will be MIA for a few weeks due to shoulder surgery. Because of this, we are looking for either:

- A tank with a DPS offspec


- A healer (shaman or paladin) who gives out shmexy heals.

Our raid time, to reiterate, is Monday at 5 PM PST. If you're interested in joining us until our shamallama gets better, send me an in-game mail! : )
Still accepting casuals to join us on our zany adventures!



Thank you Jax for giving us girls our own channel. :3
You know you the waggle butts. btw did I say just how much I love We Take Candle!
Our recruitment topic has changed! No longer are we emphasizing our raiding, but rather our casual, friendly atmosphere. Essentially, we want people who just want to have fun with us. :D
Lav as a Space Goat.

... :(
It's okay Fid, they might not understand our love but as long as WE UNDERSTAND. ; )And don't worry, Niswamda is still in Instinct! :D TROLL POWER.

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