3 Man Malygos?

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Is it possible to 3 man Malygos? The group I'd be running would be myself as a prot pally and my two other friends as shadow priest and frost/blood dk. I'm not to familiar with the older raids , I'm not even aware of any mechanics (that would be looked into if it's worth it). Any tips?
He's soloable, so 3 should be np.

I'd look up a video on how to do p3, it's still semi relevant, your drake HP scales by gear, but damage doesn't, so rolling stacks will be important to beat the enrage.
Ohkay thanks, I looked him up on wowhead and saw that he has 6.9mil health. I'm assuming most of the damage is dealt on the drakes?
The last half of his health is done on the drakes. The first half goes fairly quickly though thanks to the power sparks. If you know how to do p3 at least sort of well, or at least one of you does, then 3-manning it should be no problem.
Three is very easy. Two is easy. One is a little bit of a trick (involves high DPS in P1/P2, and a 11231123 rotation in P3 to self-heal).

For two+ people on drakes, just have one person spam-healing, the others spam-DPSing (112112112 etc., on default keybinds) and you should have zero problems. Avoid the static patches Malygos throws out, and just ignore his focused beam attack -- you'll easily outheal it with only one drake healing.
I 2m it (as disc) with a fury warrior every week.

P2 I heal and the warrior pew pews.
I do a round of TK, Ony, and EoE with 2 other people every week for chances on mounts. With Malygos, we have come close to killing him in the transition between the 1st phase and 2nd phase. 6.9 mil aint what it used to be.
Malygos is easily 3 mannable. I personally 2 man it with a ret/prot paladin. Having everyone doing the 1123 rotation, with a 5 stack built up before Malygos becomes attack-able is quicker than having 1 person specifically healing. I maintain the stack on myself, the paladin, and still have room to 112 the boss. The HoT the drakes do is insane amounts of healing.

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