Twillight Patrols ((OOC)) 13

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Second part of that post was pretty awful, but I got pressed for time with work suddenly. If the post is a bit obscure it's because I'm in a strange place mentally at the moment. Either way, EVERYONE WIND DOWN, PASSIVE RP OR SLEEP, !@#$'S GONNA GET REAL SOON.

The Shaman are all setting up the pillar for reconstruction, feel free to help or to get out of their way, etc.

Do as you always do, I'm tired and have to work.
So, Velen's short story is finally up, thought you guys might be interested.

I also wanted to say this (Spoiler warning):

And suddenly the dark sky above erupted with the combined chivalry of Azeroth's races. The blood elves, orcs, trolls, tauren, and even the accursed undead and scheming goblins rode flying mounts of every sort and description. They were armored and armed in magical weaponry glowing with so much power it hurt Velen's eyes to look at them. Beside the legions of the Horde, the ancient night elves charged with humans, dwarves, and gnomes, whose ancestors formed the original Alliance, and the shape-changing worgen were united with them. Velen's own draenei bolstered the army, their ranks adorned in otherworldly metals and bearing crystalline maces and swords.

I honest to goodness teared up, guys. Seriously.
Posted!, Bahahahahahahahaha!
Terrible post but I had to get something up else I would never have gotten something up lol :x
Jozen is talking to Coron at the moment. So, Lia, the ball's in your court.

Also, I'm not that happy with my post, but I needed to put something up. So, yeah.
I'm gonna go nap now. Zzzzzzz.....
"Gee, it sure is -boring- around here."


I'll move us along then, if this is all that are going to post, :\

Expect the post tomorrow most likely.
04/20/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Liå

LOL good luck with that one :P
So, I feel like doing a roll call but that would be discouraging to me. xD

I'm feeling this vibe of getting sick of Deepholm, don't know if you guys feel it to. I said I would post, but something unfathomably important came up in real life, and no it was not me going and getting pissed just yet.

Next 3 days, promised. I'll haul us into a last event, and... hope most of you stick with me.
I am here!!!!

I just don't have anything to post for Fenris till we get into combat or something lol
*Napping in the corner*
./boots grish out of her napping corner.

My corner .. /falls asleep again.

:P:P (This came to mind )

I can't post until others do... so no problems here. I'll be around.. somewhere.
I'll post soon, I promise X_x

Finals and graduation are killing me right now; combined with my computer seeming to like to randomly restart, I barely trust it to do anything...and this is probably the worst time for this to happen T_T

But yeah! I'll try to get a post up soon (tonight-ish)
And now I'm back for 6 days. SURPRISE! Had life !@#$%-slap me around for awhile and never quite got around to renewing my sub. Hopefully I manage that before 5 more days.....

Anyway, Lowmaine is now an elf. Interesting.....scary but interesting. How has everyone else been?
I has saved the thread from the second page.

take that Jaggo.
I'm here, just haven't posted because it would pretty much just be my guys going to sleep and the like. I feel that's best saved for lumping into another post than wasting time on something about 3 paragraphs long *shrugs*.
My intention is to post as soon as my head stops throbbing. :P
Meep! Turle would be ashamed of you!
04/24/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Ruok
Meep! Turle would be ashamed of you!

Psh whats he going to do? He fell out of reality before the troggs.
04/24/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Ruok
Meep! Turle would be ashamed of you!

Turle is perpetually ashamed of me.

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