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04/24/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Lynara
He fell out of reality before the troggs.

Reality? we don't need that.... <.<

./goes back to her corner.
*moonfires War's tail*
*Curls up by campfire*

Still not much to do for my characters. Sleeping and healing. Nice to know that people haven't forgotten about the thread, though.
What's that? Did Low just seriously post in the IC thread?

Second Half Was Weak.

But hell, may as well embrace the nature of this thread.

!@#$in' free combat, kill %^-* brahs.

The enemies are god damn coming out of the walls everywhere but the temple room, the forge, the tents, god damn everywhere just kill everything ahhhhhh.

They're not attacking the front, -yet-.

(( Edit: Important. I have assumed a timeskip here, just, between hours and days it doesn't really have to be spoken. Just assume the critically wounded can at least recover to walking state if they want. ))
Sorry for dropping without a word before, I got fed up of using battle cat to post for me.

However I now have resubscribed (thus no excuses), so can post myself. And I am bringing evil back.

(Split into two because character limit sucks)

Name: Seyliane Eversong

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Female

Class/es: Warlock, with minor remaining talent as a Mage.

Affiliation: Loose ties to Silvermoon, but feels no bond with either major faction.

Appearance: Appearance: Seyliane is of average height for a blood elf. Her face is often composed in a lazy, sardonic smirk, framed by auburn curls of hair, and an intense, emerald gaze. She prefers to wear loose, black (or other dark color) robes under normal circumstances, though they are always oddly snug on the arms. If one managed to get a good look at her arms or torso, one would be surprised to find the skin colored black, rather than the fair tanned complexion she otherwise displays.

Typically, Seyl is accompanied by her imp, Gelgup. The imp is usually shrouded with invisibility on her orders so he doesn't scare off or anger those around her, but acts as her eyes on many an occasion. When left to his own devices, the imp is a mischevious sort, but he won't deliberately do anything that might anger his mistress. When expecting trouble, Seyliane sometimes summons her felguard, Johthun to fight for her. The relationship is definately born of mutual hatred, but the brutish demon has little choice to obey in the end.Equipment: At her waist is a amethyst-adorned short sword, in a plain, functional scabbard. The sword itself is nothing more than a typical, elven crafted blade, but the gems embedded in it's pommel are enchanted to contain the souls of those she chooses to ensnare. Upon using one of these gems as a component for one of her more potent - and dangerous spells - the gems will change to the color of unremarkable glass until a new soul is taken.Skills: An expert on demonology and at manipulating fel flames. Disdains affliction magic (it is slow and painful when killing, which does not suit her style in the least). Seyl is able to still manipulate arcane magic as she once used to, though her skill with it is limited. Despite being a frost mage in the past, she no longer has enough patience or inner discpline to tap that sphere of magic, leaving her with minor talents in shaping raw arcane energy (mostly conjuring), and of course, fire.


One of the first followers of Prince Kael'thas into Outlands, Seyl was thrilled with what Illidan taught her people. The ability to take magic from anything she pleased was one she began to use with wild abandon. Finding that she could take arcane sustenance even from demons, she began to relentlessly pursue that particular source of magic to sate her addiction. The fel energy was far more powerful than what the Sunwell had ever given her, and her greed and pride almost led her down the path of the Wretched. With Kael's betrayal, her lust for magic ebbed away, and she began to realise just how far she'd gone out of control. Returning to Silvermoon she was removed from her position of Magistrix, and locked away for both her own good and the good of the people of the city - for she returned as a felblood elf, and was partially insane in her withdrawal state.

When her people allied with the Horde, she found there was others like her - Forsaken spellcasters that had turned to using fel magic to accomplish their own ends. From them, she learned control, and was able to eventually shake off the effects of felblood withdrawal. After she learned control, she began to experiment with summoning magics. She learned how to summon and enslave demons from the Burning Legion, and later summoned and defeated Johthun in combat, binding the felguard to her every whim in the process. It was a near thing - the demon almost cleaved her in two, if it were not for her defensive preparations. Johthun likes to remind her at every opportunity, that he can, and will finish the strike he began back then, if he ever gets a chance.

Her role in history since, has been that of manipulator. Her mind has been calmed, but still retains a wild, chaotic edge to it. The warlock puts forth a pretty face and pleasent demeanour, but seeks only to use people as tools to meet her own ends. Her body is permanently marked by her contact with felblood - only her hands, lower arms and face appear normal. She takes great pains to conceal this fact, passing herself off as the Magistrix she used to be. Privately, she harbors great hatred for the Alliance, believing them to be the reason that both she and Quel'thalas have fallen on such times, but little of this hatred shows in public. She also has a disdain for much of the Horde for being too soft to crush their enemies as they had attempted to do in previous wars.

The Wrathgate brought about a change in how Seyl operated on her own, as the Alliance members she had been working with began to become wary of her. The Cataclysm shattered any sort of trust she had managed to earn with the Alliance research teams as well as another mental barrier in her mind. Deciding that working with the Alliance was no longer worth the effort, she dropped relations with the Explorer's League and offered her services as a researcher to the Reliquary faction instead. Being fellow Blood Elves, they were easier to work with, but they were also far more cautious around her. Some of the sharper members realised she had her own personal agenda, and they began to restrict her access to certain artifacts.

Deciding that keeping up the pretense was becoming more trouble than it was worth, Seyl cut her ties with the Reliquary and went her own way. Refusing to fight for the Horde any longer, Seyl is now freelancing her abilities (still posing as a minor Magistrix) and saving up to found her own organisation - one dedicated to magical research and study of ancient relics.

So I will post tomorrow...

Finals are this week and life is crazy...
You're accepted of course Seyl, and sorry I've been away ya'll I've had real life rearing it's beautiful head at the door. :)

My activity wont pick up just yet, but all of you feel free to post at your own pace, and really tell me if you think I should post again if my latest one was not helpful enough, or whaaaaatever. I'm still here to make this enjoyable for you guys.
Just popping in to say that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. The problem is that there's also a lot going on study-wise at the moment (exams coming up), so when I do get a break I just can't think of anything to write.

So far all I've come up with is which of my characters will be taking naps when the attack happens and how to wake half of them up :|
Right now the thread is in Hibernation. Finals, exams, and a whole lot of RL crap is jamming the flow of creativity juice.

: /
psh the excuses you all make :P
Get a job Lynara. :P

- - -

And yeah, anyone can post but I'm not too fussed at the moment, not going to rush it, people can post as they wish when they have time. I'm in a mildly busy time at school, even if I don't ever do work or care about school I still sort of have to conform to study occasionallyyyy.
Sorry, to quote a certain actress, 'Reality is kicking my @ss right now'. Well, it was. Anyway, am back.

Um...well, I hope the thread isn't dead. Is it? I'm gonna go work on a post and try to get it up sometime in the next day or so.
Don't worry Grish.

The thread -is- frozen at the moment, but it's not dead. My plan is, if we don't get out of this rut soon, (I'm giving us time for everyone's real life to settle down), I'll push through and write this finale myself. The idea is that this will be a final act, and it will have a conclusion, and then the Twilight Highlands will be a new thread. You will all be reserved access, and some new blood can join if they wish.

Twilight Highlands is fast, chaotic, and new blood would well represent the vibe of the thread. I've also put too much planning into it to let it die. I won't let this die, hell I'd probably just end up writing it myself if nobody wanted to.
I'm still waiting for the twilight highlands bit to swing around so I can start posting <_<
I'm still waiting for the twilight highlands bit to swing around so I can start posting <_<

This^ >_>
Oh..what is this?


I Pooosstteeed?

PANIC! *flails arms about randomly before flopping like a fish*


In anycase, short post is short, kinda crappy, but it's a post : /
Well, my writing muse is dead at the moment, but thankfully there's only one more week and a bit left until the end of semester! There's still exams after that, but I tend to find that I can study at my own place and actually relax a bit during exams because I don't have three blinkin' lab reports to write up every week!

In short, weird Skyguard lady will be posting again soon, though it might take a bit for me to get back into the pace of things.
One character written out....
Dang it.
Well, back to trying to write something.
Also, can't stop listening to this song:
I might write something, hopefully.

We'll see. >_> <_<

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