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Finished writing for Sairdna. Borrowed Yuldris Smolderfury, hope you don't mind Meep. (NPC that you only see wandering around the temple.) If that's not ok, let me know and I'll change it.

Now to write out Jozen's post.
Today's music: (Doctor Who)
I'm still stuck on what to post....

fire elementals = burnt kitty.
Earth elementals = kitty not doing much of any use...

/brain = urg?
Cultists + Kitty = Dead cultists.
That work? Also, you could try using spells or healing. Your choice, of course.
heh grish ... war is feral... she's a terrible healer and with no actual nature around, she's pretty useless in the nature spell department as well... she's mostly feral in nature...

That being said, the problem is getting to the cultists who have the elementals as shields... I'm still thinking about it... once I stop melting that is.,....
Well, it's safe to assume anything you want happening. Cultists are pretty fanatical and frenzied and not at all organised, it's plausible that they'd run ahead of the slower elementals to try and stab things. I've got plans but it'll be a big post which I'm not up for quite at the moment.
*Bouquet of Roses*

Okay, I have decided upon a course of action. I will engage operation Final Narrative. I am going to write a post in the next week-2weeks, which will end this thread. It will be a large post, satisfying the finale in my eyes. This will end the Patrol's exploits in Deepholm and their journey on a high note, saving the world. It will be dramatic and appropriate and end with some nice symbolism.

I will then, after exams, in the next month, start a new thread. This thread will be the final thread of the Borean Patrol. It will be the Twilight Highlands, you are all welcome to join and hopefully new life can kick us through to all my extensive planning in the Highlands.

Now, my post will describe the battle, finish the battle, then the day/two after the battle and end it. It will likely end the thread although anyone can post their own finales.

There are cultists, elementals, there will be some chick leader fighter !@#$%, and a dragon at some point. There will be a sea of cultists outside. If anyone wants me to write their character into my finale, just tell me where they will be and what they will be doing, if you want to slay the dragon, kill the ^-*!@ leader, a swathe of cultists, whatever. Just tell me, and I will write it in.

It could be any time in the next two weeks, it's a large writing project.
Any chance Ith could pop back in for this?

Also,I'll take this Twilight Highlands campaign to try out Ith's replacement.
Totally have Lynara take out the dragon using the Moon bow.
Lynara, all I could think of was Varus in LoL's Q attack. And the scout achievement in TF2.

Finally finished my stupid post. Now just need to put it up.
Edit: Three posts. Wow. Took long enough, anyway.
Lynara, do you mind if I have Sairdna use a Recombobulator (Healing Trinket) on your characters?

Also, Meep, could you add to the finale:
-Sairdna bombarding Cultists with fire magic
-Grishmak tossing magic at cultists/the dragon, and working on healing after the fight.
-Jozen doing what he can to help Lynara with the dragon, or fighting cultists.
-Vi...actually, best not go there. Vi is...interesting.
Ith, considering that I will just be posting the finale, there is really no point. You are welcome to sign up and join the next thread.

Okay, so, the big things that need doing...

Cultist Leader: (Keys, Perfection(Deathblow)
Dragon: (Lynara(Deathblow))

Now they're both taken, people can do whatever they want, this is what I've got so far...
A=I will Assume your characters actions
G=I will control/Godmode your characters actions
I=I will Ignore your characters actions

Let me know what permission I have, I will automatically set you down for A unless you tell me otherwise. I will only ask for G if I need to give detailed accounts of things, such as the fight with the Cultist Leader.

Perfection - G - Main Room/Cultist Leader(Deathblow)
Lia - A - Entrance/Cultists
Coron - A - Entrance/Cultists
Waraila - A - Main Room/Defending Shaman
Sairdna - A - Barricades/Cultists
Grishmak - A - Barricades/Cultists
Distro - G - Main Room/Dragon(Deathblow)
Meep - G - Entrance/Cultists
Virella - G - Main Room/Special
Keys - G- Main Room/Cultist Leader

I'm assigning you to either holding the cultists in the back rooms, or holding them out of the entrance randomly. If you prefer one over the other, let me know. The entrance is more of a gorefest but the barricades are just as critical.
Oh oh oh, Vearakus can tank the Twilight(?) dragon! Like, just barely hold it off until Lynara goes all Moonbow on it.

Feel free to split my guys up, because unfortunately I just can not think of anything to post at the moment and haven't been able to for a while. It must be exam stress messing me up subconsciously, bleh. Sorry guys, I really am.

So it'd probably be something like: Barzulo and Gretta defending the first aid area, Kethrilk basically soloing/slaughtering everything coming out of one of the portals, Iranda in the main room and Barthius and Sylv at the barricades. Vearakus could be trying to help by casting from outside and sticking his head into the main room to gobble up elementals until the dragon shows up.
Low gets no love /pout

oookay... I missed a lot.
No, you really didn't. :P Read from OOC post #446. :)
So the thread's bein ended, :< shoot. well, I'll be in the next thread for sure
Pew pew >_>
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Pew pew >_>

Welcome to the elf side.
06/09/2012 06:52 AMPosted by Liå
Pew pew >_>


Er... I mean, hail to the night!
It's strange, I know.

I myself am still trying to get used to it!

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