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01/19/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Lowmaine
Writing up my post (again) now guys; hopefully it actually develops into a finished one ._.;


- - -

Anyway, for those of you getting bored, consider this the quiet before the storm. We get to bring the pain when you all wake up in the morning, as I've loosely decided upon our next series of events. :D
Oh good I didn't want to have to post for Malak grumbling about no one responding to his drink question and then just having him sit on a rock.

Rather boring if you ask me XD
Where'd Istella go this time? She hasn't posted in a while...

She hasn't posted for 4 days.

I haven't posted in 4-5 either. :P Do you question my commitment. xD

>Slow Moving Thread
>In a Slow Period


So in other words, since Low posted now I'll push us forward today! Yaaaay.
I been trying!! Chasing Jaggo around and watching him go crazy...still haven't had a chance to talk to Spannershield...if she would ever stay in one place...would she mind another druid telling her to take better care of herself? lol
You can continue to ask her to take better care of herself and she'll continue ignoring you! :)
Why hello again, gents.
Who is the strange man known as Ruok who speaks to us? I certainly do nto know him.
Idk. Prob'ly some loser level one troll.
A level one you say?

Okay, you're in, you don't even need to sign up. Welcome.
Malak voice*

Can we get moving please? I'm a tad bit hungry...

I keed.

But seriously I don't know what to post :x


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Bleh, forums wouldn't work on my comp. for some reason. Anyway, what I was going to post here a week ago was that I'm not really LEAVING the thread, I'm just going into a sort of hibernation, from which I will arise with a new character. When I get a better computer. And I may or may not be stalking the OOC. Anyway, with the forums back working, I'mma go ake a post in TWD.


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Ashok, :P, if you had joined when we started you will have realized this is an incredibly slow moving roleplay.

And I also hate people complaining about the pace!

You all sit down and shut up I'll post when I want!
If you are bored Ashok you can always come into my thread? Delar Da'Nora, I expect it to be starting soon, when I get enough sign ups.


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I know. Seriously so bad. :(

At least I hope the 49ers make me win my 20 buck bet.
Hey guys. For anyone that was around in the original Borean Patrols, this is Seyl (that evil psycho warlock who was all smiles and helpfulness around people while plotting to backstab them). I'm getting Warkitty to post for me via proxy since I don't have my own active account, so she gets to mess around with alts to post for me on and I get to pester her to post for me. All in all this sounds like a win for me, I'd say.

Anyway, here's my character app. Should The Great And Diminutive Lord Meep III find the application acceptable, I'll insert myself into the RP. It's....not my greatest app ever, so I apologise for that. I havn't actually done any RP since Borean so I'm kinda rusty. Bear with me, if you will.


Name: Teressa Dawnsinger (aka - Tess, Tessa)

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Female

Class/es: Mage

Affiliation: Horde (with neutral tendencies)

Appearance: Average height for her race, honey-blonde, shoulder length hair and (obviously) fel-green eyes. Has a tendency to look distracted when idle. Prefers to wear robes, ranging wildly in color depending on her mood at the present time - but usually blood red or navy blue.

Equipment: A self-crafted magic satchel that holds much more than it ought to, while weighing much less than it should. Currently contains a small collection of alchemical apparatus and substances, herbs, and cooking equipment. Also contains a small sum of gold and some basic rations. She also carries a wand in a sheath attached to her arm under her robes.

Skills: Skilled at frost and arcane magic, enchanting, alchemy and cooking. Knows enough of herbalism to understand what herbs are used to do what, and has a rudimentary understanding of weaponcraft (but not the strength of arm to do it herself).

History: Believing herself to be descended directly from the ancient lineage of the original Highborne (a false assumption, yet not one her parents wanted to dissaude her of), Tess is prideful and prone to flagrant abuse of her magics. As a child she was an able and willing student, but her pride eventually asserted itself and she drove her tutors to distraction. Instead, she spent long years honing her art under her own power, using the vast libraries of Silvermoon to conduct alchemical and magical research. She was offered the position of Magistrix, but turned it down out of pride and a lack of willingness to tender obedience towards people she barely knew. All in all, her early life was quite sheltered.

When her homeland was destroyed by Arthas, Teressa fell into deep despair and melancholy. Her family had been slain defending their homes while she did naught but hide in fear. When she heard that Kael'thas had discovered a way for the Sin'dorei to survive, Tessa forced herself to stop weeping and do something useful. She started looking for ways her people could augment their consumption of fel energies with more palatable sources. Rudimentary mana gems came from this, but she was not the first mage to develop such a thing, and it was not enough to sate her people's hunger. Tess spent long hours focusing her mind via meditation in order to curb her sudden, appalling need to consume magical energies. It gave her a somewhat detatched personality when speaking to others, as her mind had become a fortress against any kind of intrusion - from within or without. This trait lingered even after the need for deep meditation had passed.

Teressa was initially reluctant to join the Horde, seeing the Orcs as nothing more than savage beasts that had attacked her people in past wars. After (reluctantly) spending time with them she realised that their actions had not been fully their own. Tessa did not forget, but she did forgive. It pained her that the Alliance would not take her people back after the Third War, and she longed to return things to the way they were. Lacking any real prestige or experience, nobody would take her views seriously, especially after the war in Icecrown ended and Garrosh took control of the Horde. Peace seemed impossible.

Left to her own brooding devices, eventually she caught word of a band of supposed traitors from the Horde and Alliance both, that had attacked both armies in Kalimdor at the Battlescar. It was enough to pique her interest, so she asked around and learned that this group of people were supposedly fighting to make the fighting stop. A noble enough goal, thought she, yet they had slain warriors from both factions. Then it occured to her that bringing in such a group of traitors might grant her enough prestige to make her voice heard. With that thought in mind, she searched out an old friend that owed her a favor....
Accepted durr.

- - -

My post is 50% done guys, hang in there! This is a test of loyalty! If you win you get cookies! If you fail I will destroy youuuuuuuu.



What kind of cookies?

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