[A] - Briefcase 10Man - 8/8 LF3M

We are a guild who strongly believes we can achieve serious progression in minimal time, we are from previously hardcore four night a week guilds and are older (20-35) experienced players without the time for 4 night a week video game commitment.

We are a hardcore guild who have 5-6 hours to work with, we are not casual, and we are looking for that calibre of player who doesn't have the time to spend 12 hours plus on raiding a week.

We run 10 man raids because we experienced 25 man content for years, and the reality is the minority almost always carry the majority - in ten man that tends not to happen.

It's a game, it's about having fun - the group challenge that is raiding is awesome but it loses it's lustre in a major way if you're wiping because someone can't bring their A-game, and turns walking in fire into an olympic sport.

I know there are plenty of great players out there who are in guilds that they far outclass, if you are the minority in your guild and want to experience a team that learns quickly and has fun while we're doing it come join us!

Attitude and skill are king
We are looking for quality and consistency - we care more about player skill, commitment, and ability to comprehend the fundamentals of raiding - we value these more than the acquiring shiny purples from loot piniatas.

Our progression in 4.3 is 8/8 DS and we are looking to enhance our current roster, as well as get cracking into Heroics.

Raid nights
We raid on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm - 10pm, Monday nights at 7:30pm - 10:00pm, it's approximately 5-6 hours a week.

Openings - Raiders and socials
We have a few openings for easy going, like-minded individuals who are interested in progressing through 4.3.

Ideally we'd like to fill 3 slots. Wanting DPS/OS Tank, DPS/OS Heals & DPS but we're not a fussy bunch

Druid - Open
Warrior - Open
Rogue - Open
Mage - Closed
Warlock - Open
Hunter - Closed
DK - Closed
Shaman - Open
Priest - closed

If you're not listed on one of the open classes above, and you think you're pretty awesome - send us a tell anyway.

We also have an opening for socials, maybe you're new to the game and want to learn how to play or get better and looking for older players to help you out - we don't mind taking a few of you on to help you skill up and get better at what you're doing and give advice.

The main thing we're looking for here is friendliness and the desire to be better at what you do.

If you're interested send Seasoning, Phlow or myself a tell in game or head over to our website -www.worldofbriefcase.com.
WTB Briefcase <3

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