[A] -Sour Diesel- LF raiders for DS 10 man.

Burning Legion
Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this thread!

* Sour Diesel is a brand new 10 man raiding guild located on the Alliance side of Burning Legion PVP. We are in search of more mature, dedicated, and skilled players to start organized progression in Dragon Soul. Our goal is PVE progression and great teamwork while doing so. Our goal at the moment is to begin our scheduled weekly raids this week (WEDNESDAY) with an anxious group ready to progress! *

-RAID TIMES- Wednesday, Thursday, Monday [9 pm - 1 am CST]

1x Main Tank (Any Class) - Having previous tanking experience is highly preferred. Reliable, skilled, and dedicated main tanks will be well taken care of.

2x Healers (Resto Druid & Shaman, Holy/Disc Priest) - Come be apart of a strong healing core and help us progress through DS and on!

5x DPS (OPEN) - Looking for some strong DPS looking to progress in DS and on.

* Being a brand new guild we have current opportunities for officer/class lead positions! If this is something you have always been interested in doing or would like to, please express interest! *
We offer our members repairs & help with gems and enchants on recently looted gear! We also enjoy the casual PVP and running old content for fun.

If this new guild sounds like a great opportunity please leave your realID or ingame character and I will get in contact with you ASAP! Or please feel free to send in an application!

We also welcome all levels and classes!

Thanks guy and goodluck in the WORLD!

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