Get That Achievement VIII

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Not sure the convention for posting a new Get That Achievment thread so I guess I'll just give it a shot! Especially since it seems to have maxed responses at page 26. I'm no 12k pointer, but hey I'd like to keep going. So in the spirit of possibly doing something crazy shall we continue?

Edit: Link to the last thread!

Vanche was the last poster on the 7th incarnation of the thread sooo-! Just two more pests for [Pest Control] and you've got 10 easy points.

No pet or mount collecting for now please I need a break. Also, nothing I can't solo or do with a pick-up random que group since I'm not in a group oriented guild.
Terajima! ^_^

I'll give you some choice here, seeing you're tired of the collecting! Either one of the three dungeon achievements you need for [Outland Dungeonmaster] - The Mechanar, The Botanica, or The Arcatraz. You could actually do them on heroic and get both achievements at once, if you wanted!

No questing for me, please :D
That last achievement really was a [Sun of a...] however it is now done!!

Nyrhtak time to go discover your [A-bomb-inable] side in the Isle of Conquest!!
@ Lovelyarrow

Seeing as you have done most of the achievments and I spent 10 mins looking for a decent achievment for you to work towards, I found that [Stormtrooper] EOTS PVP achievment would be right up your ally!
I'm A-bomb-inable!

Termanology - Farm some honour and get [Frostwolf Howler], bonus that it'll help get you that much closer to 100! ^^

No quest achieves, please!
Completed [Frostwolf Howler]

Time to finish off [Twenty-Five Tabards]! You are so close!
[Twenty-Five Tabards] complete!

Hmm, how about [The Escape from Durnholde] (or heroic), you'll finish off the Outland Dungeonmaster Meta at the same time!

No quest achieves please D:
Completed [The Escape from Durnhold]

@ Nyrhtak

Time to go fishn my friend, complete [The Scavenger]
Termanology, complete the [Green Hills of Stranglethorn] and you'll pick up the collected quests to boot! Good hunting!
Well Myzrael I think it might be time to best another at a duel! No worries, crazed folk who desire such things often hang out in front of Orgimmar ;3 Or even ask a friend! It's [Duel-icious]! If you're feeling up to it with your esteemed colleague you can even take the short trip to Sethria's Roost for an old fashioned [Gang War]!

As for myself I was amused with some of the Tempest centered dungeons. However I would have liked fewer mechanics involving enemy death to allow progression xD My time repeat running Sethekk halls spoiled me. Now I have (Normal and Heroic): [The Arcatraz], [The Botanica], [The Mechanar] and [Outland Dungeonmaster]!

If you're still reading I've decided to lose all of my sanity taking on [Insane in the Membrane]. So my only real issues would be with achievements that require a group.
Terajima help out another with Ultimate Triage!

As for myself, I'm throwing my hat into the achievement ring...Raid achievements are quite dificult to achieve as i only raid casually, otherwise I'm pretty happy to try almost anything!
Raphx, you are really close to becoming a [Silverwing Sentinel] - might as well finish it up for two achieves.
@Brocopolypse- Get a quick 20 points and finish up your [Let's do Lunch: Undercity] and get [Bunch of Lunch] boom just like that
Wileyguns! Go back to the sea and finish up you Vash'jir quests. This should net you a total of 4 achievements [sinking into vash'jir], [loremaster of cataclysm] and those two other vash'jir quest achieves visions of something and 20,000 leagues of something. lol
I'm officially a scavenger.

Myzreal, why don't you go become a Journeyman in Archaelogy? (or higher, if you can stand it)

No quest achievements for me, thanks!
@ Nyrhtak Now that you have completed Scavanger you should try your killing skills and achieve [Arathi Basin Assassin]

I've completed [Green Hills of Stranglethorn]
@ Nyrhtak Now that you have completed Scavanger you should try your killing skills and achieve [Arathi Basin Assassin]

I've completed [Green Hills of Stranglethorn]

Reading is important, go get Well Read.

Finaly finished [Lets do Lunch: Darnassus] and also got [A Bunch Of Lunch]

Mizzu, the past is important, go research archeology for [Diggerest]
Thorghast, get one step closer to Flamebreaker and go do [Master of the Molten Flow] !

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