Rate above Paladins transmorg gear !

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^ 10/10
oh wait no one is above me...
^ Wow man that's bad !@# ! 10/10 !
it's nice it doesn't say paladin to me though
really UGLY
01/07/2012 08:22 PMPosted by Gavinn
i hate these threads in the general forums why did you bring them here?

If you hate them, why comment in them? that just pops them back up to the top and keeps them on the first page longer?

@ Rarity, not bad but lose the helm. 7/10
Your poor legs! Look into a mace like mine perhaps, it matches a bit better ;)

Hmmm judgment isn't as uncommon as I hoped, least my sword matches, going to have to mix it up now :(
9/10 for bringing back veng glad look with Cataclysm's Edge
Your poor legs! Look into a mace like mine perhaps, it matches a bit better ;)


I don't care for the Judgement leg piece. and your mace is "main hand" because you are a caster, I need "one hand" for my tanking mace. If it weren't for that stupid restiction I would use Light's Justice

@Sealed, I guess if you like green. 8/10
Sorry Soul, not a fan of all the billion pallies using judgement set :(

It is very matchy matchy tho, so I'll give it 5/10
i always did like the wrathful paladin set 9/10
10/10...for keeping it real
Nothing wrong with liking the way current gear looks, but in terms of a transmog, you really didn't do anything. I guess you made the look a bit darker with the pants and gloves, so I'll give 2 points for that. 2/10.
10/10 for Saintinel

7/10 for above, -3 for rolling a female dranei

0/10 for all the lemmings that wore judgement
why/10, the Argent Arena sets were mediocre at best, plus they shared the same model as the warrior set.
im not a huge fan but it goes well 6/10
why the h8 =(

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