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01/28/2012 08:13 AMPosted by Avaeon
i like the transmog icecrown gear, 8/10 trydan, a different helm would suit you better.

Yes I know =(

Im currently in the process of farming the glorious headdress (looks alot like what I have equipped atm) but with a .06-.02% drop rate, it may be awhile. I dont like helms that cover the whole head. I have a tier ten warrior lookalike set too, but I prefer the tier nine for a pally.
Nice transmog Trydan rarely see that tier around anymore and always liked it.
@velindis that was my first set ! there is a purple mace you can get to go with it so 7/10 because a lot of people wearing it but its still classic
@trydan I have one (glorious head piece) on Burning Blade horde side ill sell you unbound :D
Soo how exactaly would I get that from you then? Server xfers arent free so I dont see how it world work.
The Turalyon set is awesome, I actually used it for awhile on my Alliance paladin.

@sarinis 8/10 like the armor but i dont exactly think the mace goes along with it, nice set tho
@ Aduro 7.5/10
It looks fine enough, but you are trying 3 main colors at once, which doesn't work. I'd say stick with the gold & black. Change the blue weapon to something else, wear a different tabard or none at all, and change your cape.
I tried lol
@msinister 9/10
I like the transmog, I think its probably the most clothes-less you can get lol.
Please don't skip over me. Gracias.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Fault Line
Please don't skip over me. Gracias.

lol, didnt see your post, 9/10, the lightbringer helm clashes with the rest of your undead slayer transmogs.

Got a nice fire theme going there, seems a bit chaotic on the BE preview in the WoW armory.
8/10 No likey helm o_O
7/10, you're a qt so I cut ya some slack on the boots / belt, I too am I member of the "Bad Boot Club."

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.. for not having great matches.. or lacking more conquest points!!!

just doesn't seem to flow very well for me, some cool individual items they just don't go together

The Helm just doesn't go with the rest of the look and feel of the costume. I do like the way you selected certain parts of the armor to match up like the darker tones and yellows to make a uniform color scheme but the helm throws off the look of it, the shoulders especially don't match it from a conceptual pov. The attainability of all of these pieces being mostly honor pieces that are easily farmed is also disappointing, this is a look we've all seen before. Having a female toon gives you the ability to come up with some cool looks because a lot of armor looks differently on them.

I would also recommend replacing the Tabard with the Shattered Sun one and get a different weapon.

9/10 I absolutely love the T4 Paladin set, I use it myself for my prot gear. My only complaint is the weapon, but that's probably just preference wise for me, considering I like giant weapons, the best part about being a male human is the giant weapons you get. I can't really recommend another sword though, if it were a mace I'd say g###% on a stick, but that may be more purple than pink, and throw everything else. I like the G###% on a stick (Hammer of the Naruu) with S1 though! Regardless definitely qt.

I am back, and I have swapped out a lot of the yellow from my look. Last time I got complaints about my mace, but I think the tabard should have fixed that, I also picked this mace because the lighter red on the inside goes perfectly with the red in my shoulders.

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