WoW No Longer Compatible with Windows 2000

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So it would still be compatible with Windows XP, right? Or am I dead wrong?
Windows 7 is quite stable now, and cheap to buy, enjoy it as windows 8 will go in a different direction from previous versions and we all know what happens when microsux gets ideas like that in their heads and where it leads.
While I truely miss XP, I will be starting to think about Linux and run the Wine utility, with the powerful components of todays processors and cards, there should be no noticable difference between a windows native system and a Linux system using Wine.
Auctions are a great place to score late model pc's and at a great price, just load your OS on it and away you go :)
As for parts to build or upgrade your system I reccomend Scorptec, the guys really look after their customers and their prices are very good. I used them for years as it was cheaper to buy the gear from Melbourne and pay for a courier, then to purchase from Canberra, where I am based.
I use windows 7 and it runs fine and it is well worth the upgrade from XP ;) But as the old saying goes "it's horses for courses" and all the older OSes are in the firing line, so maybe now would be a good time to upgrade :)
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
02/29/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Breadstick
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

2009 and 4chan would like their terrible meme back please.
Gewd. Now stop supporting the 11 year old operating system with the world record for having the most security holes ever, Windows XP. The fact that people still use XP is really saddening as 7, a better operating system, has been out for years and isn't older than your children.
03/01/2012 03:21 AMPosted by Agrippas
2009 and 4chan would like their terrible meme back please.

The garden called, they want their gnomes back.

(J/k, I wanna hug you so bad)
So i won't be able to play at work

i have to ask this, Wow requires Direct X 9 (the removal of Windows 98 was due to the removal of support for Direct X 7 and Direct X 8) however Windows 2000 is capable of running DirectX 9 and as such i dont see not being able to run wow on windows 2000 albiet in an unsupported setup unless there removing support for Direct X 9, in wich case that would be like a huge middle finger to like half the people i know.
aw I run on windows 2000 and have a really good computer the same time
If you can run Windows 2000, there's no reason you can't run XP. The hardware requirements are basically the same between the two.

Better yet, buy a new machine. Your game experience will improve greatly coming from a Windows 2000-era computer. I guarantee it.

A new operating system costs money some people don't have.

A new machine costs money some people don't have.

Being one of those people, I'm just glad MoP will still run on XP.

If you're in North America a new machine at an Office Depot or Sam's Club would probably has you $200. Now that's the lowest edge of the spectrum. You can build your own machine with good specs for probably $500, though a purchased machine comes with OS included and sometimes other software. If you can't afford at least $200 for a new computer to replace a Win2k era computer, why are you spending $15 a month for WoW?

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