WoW No Longer Compatible with Windows 2000

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But we can still use Windows 3.1, right?
I would be beyond surprised if they cut support for one of the most popular consumer OS's in the market. Some of the OS market-share sites list it as still being the most popular.

After Vista revealed itself to be a resource-sucking vampire of an OS, many people I knew decided to use XP instead -- and several of those people are skeptical of Windows 7 after Vista's failure.

01/09/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Ayubot
And yea, I'd have to agree with other posters that its not that expensive to upgrade your computer. Not when its that old and not considering how cheap you can get one now.

I'll agree with this as well. Of course, it's situational -- my father's computer is six years old, and frankly, it'd be more convenient to just buy a new one for $600-$1000. I tried figuring out a way to upgrade his machine last night... Until I realized that I'd essentially be building a brand new machine instead.
who in there right mind would use Windows 2000 still ?
I had Win98 during the beta. Was funny to see a dev suggest I get an OS upgrade after getting characters stuck somewhere and having the game crash whenever I tried logging into them. Wonder how long XP has left =(
Win2K is like IE6, it is still active in the enterprise world because its easier to hold onto ancient equipment than it is to write new drivers..

At home well tough luck really, there is no reason why Blizzard should support 12yr old software that was never angled at the home market to begin with. its like saying websites should still build with IE6 in mind when we are already at Firefox 9 and IE 9. at some point the end has to be called in.

However if you want to see a big threadZilla you should have seen the posts when Everquest ended support for Win9x and Directx 6(at a time when DX8 was already common in cheap video cards it still got a huge stink)
On the topic of legacy hardware/software continuing to be supported (officially or unofficially) by Blizzard, I'm still amazed that they've got this game running on GeForce FX hardware.

People frequently crash on pre-200 series drivers when using Nvidia hardware. The GeForce FX stuff isn't even using 100 series drivers on Vista. The Vista drivers were rolled out around the same time the OS was over five years ago. The latest drivers for XP are more than three years old. 7 doesn't even have the "luxury" of a driver.

Blizzard really does go out of their way to make stuff work sometimes. Unfortunately, hacks can only work for so long. Continuing to support legacy code ties up a lot of developer time, I'm sure. They probably could keep up support with enough blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears!), although the time has to come where they decide it's not worth it anymore and just drop it altogether to keep the game moving forward.

I'm not sure how many of you are running a Win2K operating system for gaming these days, though for those of you that are, I've got one word for you: UPGRADE!! Windows 2000 was a great operating system (I used it on a computer until '06), but it's time to let go. :)
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Is it really wise to alienate any of your consumers when you're already losing subscriptions at an alarming rate? This seems like a poor course of action.

Even assuming just 5%(probably realistic), that's a hit of over 400,000 subscribers - literally overnight. I don't think this is a wise thing to do.

Lol are you joking? Did you not read it? Microsoft is discontinuing the support. Blizzard actually supported it longer than the actual creators did. And seriously, if you are still using Windows 2000, you have no excuse to whine about things out-dating you. Im surprised it even went this far.
01/10/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Deathknoob

Lol, tell them it's time to upgrade, for security reasons obviously ;)
Alot of workplaces refuse to upgrade from Windows 2k because it is pretty stable; they have tried test versions of their custom software they run and found it had issues with XP/Vista. This is true for govt departments at least.

Same holds true in the private sector. And I was attempting to explain that previously in this thread..........

But yes, in the long run this is a good move for Bliz.
Speaking of odd business solution infastructure questions: "Is there any chance of support for the Nvidia Quatro series cards?"
WoW might run on a Quattro but odds are not in a supported form. id imagine if you could run it with the standard Nvidia drivers WoW might work.

As for Win2k... A time comes when the old horse has to be taken out back and shot. the horse might pull plows still but gaming is about race horses and this pony aint making the track any more.

*comment about pulling plows is because 2k can still handle a minor few Enterprise applications.

I was going to say that Win2k is the end of DX9 support but since WoW still supports XP thats not the case since you need Vista to run DX10+. However I am guessing this is also because many GPU makers also have cut support meaning Blizzard cant rely on the latest drivers being on the OS.
01/09/2012 10:39 AMPosted by Krandon
I understand what you're saying, but at the same time there's no reason one can't set aside a little money each paycheck and after a few months, grab himself a $600 Windows 7 tower that will run WoW smoothly as butter and will last him another several years. Reasonably powerful computers aren't that expensive nowadays.

With that response showing up, I felt I should say, I just purchased a fairly higher mid-range laptop for $800 (over night shipping and additional 1 year retailer service warranty, on its own it was only $730), 17" screen, 4g ram, faster mid-range graphics card (bordering on entry level to high end cards), windows 7, 640g HD, kind of a beefy dual core processor it looks like as well.

It will run laps around the average persons desktop right now, and dance on the corpse of those silly macbooks everyone at my college campus totes around to show how fancy and trendy they are.

Not to say thats the reason I bought it or anything, but the point is just to say, for less than $800 I bought a portable computer thatll run wow on high (if not ultra) settings fluidly, thats running an OS thatll be supported for at least the next 10 years and the machine itself should last me easily 5 years before it starts showing signs of aging and if I treat it right and upgrade the ram at that point, itll probably last another 2-3 years after that. Average that out and you're talking about basically $10/month, we pay more than that for wow each month lol.

Thats more than my desktop cost though, which was all self built for less than $500 with high-mid-range or low-high-end specs at the time (ill put it this way, I got 120 FPS in shattrath in BC on this machine). The desktop is still running smoothly to, i mean its seen better days, wow is down to like ~50 fps in org right now, and ~30ish in raids, with dragon soul really taxing it and dropping me down to below 20 fps =\ but then again if I turned my view distance down it would probably shoot back up to 50 fps (I run VD on high usually.. but for some reason the outside of dragonsoul at the top of wyrmrest really demolishes my fps).

Anyway my point there is you can still build a powerful computer thatll run wow for under $500 thatll last over 5 years (i built this one in late 2007, its 2012 now and still going well, it needs a ram upgrade, a hard drive upgrade, and a new OS lol.. but the mobo/processor/vcard are all still nice), which over the life of the computer literally comes out to be about 25 CENTS a day. No kidding, you can build a computer that over its life, will cost less per day than most people spend on soft drinks or candy or cigarettes or other such things.
01/11/2012 01:17 AMPosted by Renox
So you guys lost support of a legacy OS, I may as well stop supporting this game that has an 8+ year old engine.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
And in 2014 we will see rants if WoW is still chugging along.

Heck on general computer forums there where actually rants about MS killing support for IE6... there are actually people out there that think its a good browser.(read, not using it because of enterprise level legacy old crap that corporate is too cheap to upgrade but people who actually think IE6 is superior to things like Firefox and Chrome)
On a serious level, any ideas yet on how this will impact WINE compatibility?

Dumped that Windows thing a long time ago, so kinda of a big question for me :)

There are many reasons for people to run Win2k/XP over Vista/7.

BTW main gaming machine:
2003 HP AMD 64 8 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 275
and run ~ 65 FPS normally. So Blizzard does a fine job on supporting mixed environments.

Alt gaming machine:
2010 MacBook Pro 15" 8GB
~100 fps
I play wow on a TRS-80.

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