WoW No Longer Compatible with Windows 2000

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01/09/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Worblehat
All I can say is: Once you go Mac, you can never go back.

01/09/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Worblehat
All I can say is: Once you go Mac, you can never go back.

lol get your overpriced rig that will be outdated next week and gtfo.

Mac is worse on os support they drop it once new version is out....

@peeps qqing about w2k change umm really? just get copy of xp... not expensive if you cant afford it then you have bigger problems in life.

....and the computer nerd talk begins.
01/09/2012 11:11 AMPosted by Tachi
it is 2012 NO ONE should be running 2000... Get a job people.

It makes me sad that some people in the world are still so ignorant that they spew hate like this.
A new operating system costs money some people don't have.

A new machine costs money some people don't have.

Being one of those people, I'm just glad MoP will still run on XP.
lol get your overpriced rig that will be outdated next week and gtfo.

Mac is worse on os support they drop it once new version is out....

The value on their desktops is questionable (though the iMac's IPS display beats the living crap outta your average cheapo monitor), but their laptops are popular for a reason. They don't use the cheapest materials available, which makes them feel incredibly solid compared to the pathetic hollow plastic shells that most other companies produce.

The only laptop manufacturer that stands up to and exceeds Apple's quality is Lenovo with their Thinkpad line. Those are the toughest laptops you can find anywhere.

As for OS support, it's not quite as bad as you paint it. They still update Safari, iTunes, etc for Mac OS X 10.5, which is two versions behind. Aside from that, short-term OS support affords you an advantage: The OS isn't carrying metric tons of legacy compatibility crap like Windows does, allowing the system to be considerably smaller and more streamlined. In fact, a typical Lion install weighs around 6-7GB whereas a fresh Windows 7 install is around 15GB.
Prior to Windows 7, 2000 was their best OS to date, but it's time to let go and move up.
01/09/2012 10:39 AMPosted by Dorrell
I'd venture to say that the W2k players are running it because of a primary need and just happen to run WoW on it as well. Now, that's not to say that it's time to upgrade the equipment attached to it as well, but I can tell you from first hand experience... Telling someone or a business that it's time to drop W2k is like telling them to fork over hundreds of thousands if not a few million dollars to update everything that machine is currently running.............

Hundreds of thousands if not a few million dollars?

Any Win7-capable tower of modest power is $900. Heck, if you build your own, $900 gets you something that can easily run WoW (and Win7) at 110+ FPS away from towns, if you get parts from Newegg.

Heck, store-bought computers that run Win7 are only $600-ish (though with crap hardware).

RE: "What if they don't have the money"

Seriously, if they "don't have the money" to upgrade their 10+ year old computer, then what are they doing playing a $140/yr MMORPG?
you mean 2 jobs? you need 1 job just for the see they shipped all of our jobs to china..thats why we have 8.7% unemployment (officially, but the real rate is double this as it doesn't count people whose unemployment benefits have run out)..
0.2 percent of machines are running windows 2000 as of December 2010, and it dropped from 0.6 from January of the same year according to the OS Statistics website. And it doesn't show in the 2011 list.
Times change, games change, life changes, change is inevitable. The new grows, changes, then dies. Many subscribers of wow are crying to keep old alive, nothing can stop the end.
01/15/2012 03:22 AMPosted by Groundie
Are you serious, this is something you feel obligated to post? Win 2000 is over a decade old. trying to pander to to many peas in a pot, i say if its not the current OS release or maybe the immediate prior then there should be no obligation to support it. But hey, thats why i don't work for Blizz lol.. (one of a million reasons)
The more computers that can run the game, the more potential subscribers. Of course, when the creator of the OS stops support for it and less than 1% of gamers use it (according to the Steam usage statistics posted earlier), it's probably safe to drop support for it.
01/09/2012 09:03 AMPosted by Bashiok
In preparation for the upcoming release of Mists of Pandaria, updates to World of Warcraft will no longer support Microsoft Windows 2000. Microsoft ceased support for this version of their operating system in 2010. Players still using Windows 2000 are encouraged to upgrade prior to the release of Mists of Pandaria.

Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP a while back as well. Will WoW no longer work on Windows XP either?

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