[H]Wardance Zul'jin 8-11pm EST Tue-Wed 11/12

About us
Wardance is an active 10 man raiding guild whose goal is to see and conquer all of the 5.3 content while allowing our members to enjoy a life outside the game. We are a small guild with a core group of raiders who have been playing together for several years and because our turnover among our core has been almost non-existent, we've hardly needed to recruit in the past as we are pretty tight knit group.

We are currently looking for exceptional individuals that want to progress through 5.3 and beyond, currently we have 11/12 Normal ToT in T15 content. We will be working on completing heroic and normal mode achievements for the current encounters and beyond. If this interests you contact us at...


Our current progression is shown here:


Our current needs

1 Ranged Dps of the following:
Elemental Shaman
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest

Do not hesitate to apply if your class or spec is not listed. We always look at exceptional applicants!

Recruitment Expectations & Member Conduct
Our reputation on Zul'jin is very important to us, as it should be. We expect all of our members to act mature, and show the utmost respect towards others, whether it be in guild or out of guild. We do not participate in realm forum trolling or epeening. We let our guild achievements and attitude do the talking.

As a recruit, our expectations as far as gems, enchants, consumables and attendance is identical to our veterans. Not meeting that expectation means you have failed your application. While we do not ONLY consider players decked in Raiding Heroic gear please do not you waste your time and ours if your main cannot out-gear my alts, there are plenty of opportunities to gear up out there. Do not go AFK during trash, show up late to raids, or fail to understand the basic mechanics of your class or raid encounter or you will not make it to full member status. Assuming you reach the end of the 28 day initiation period, the officers will determine whether you were successful or not and will decide to either promote you to veteran, extend your probation or ask you to leave the guild.

Raid Schedule & Attendance - in server time (Eastern Time)
• Sunday - off day
• Monday - off day
• Tuesday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm
• Wednesday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm
• Thursday - off day
• Friday - off day
• Saturday - off day

We pride ourselves on having a minimally invasive raid schedule, however we are very serious for the nights we are raiding as far as getting things done. We would like to see members online more than simply just raid nights and often do other things on those nights even though nothing is officially scheduled. There is a vague possibility this raid schedule may be subject to change over time due to projected upcoming changes in game mechanics. Despite any changes that may occur to the raid schedule we tend to preserve weekends as they are sacred to many of us.

Wardance runs a loot council system where we determine loot distribution based on several parameters such as attendance, performance, biggest upgrade, raiding rank, contribution to raid progress, and any other factors which may play a role in these decisions. I assure you that these discussions are well thought out and fair.

Contact Info
Please fill out an application on our forums and provide a reasonable way to get back into contact with you. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Nergul (US-Zul'jin) in game directly. If I am currently not online an in-game mail with your contact information (email or some other way i can get a hold of you normally) would be ideal.
I would love to look into your guild more, please contact me in-game. My schedule for the next week is going to be very erratic so it could be a pain.

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