Cartoons that don't show anymore.

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Boomerang plays all the old Cartoon Network stuff as well as alot of Hanna Barbera stuff! :P I just watched an episode of Power puff Girls and Dexters' lab yesterday as of this post.

I personally miss Pirates of Dark Water. I have yet to see it on Boomerang and it saddens me. However I think that show is cursed as the last 3 times I've seen it I got violently ill lol.

Macross was so good, and so was Techaman and Techaman BLade!. and I really want Boogie pop phantom and gate keepers 21 to come back on as I cant find time on youtube ;/
1. rugrats
2. the power puff girls
3. dextars laboratory
4. the angry beavers
5. hey arnold
and lots more...thats my top 5 :P
Ren and stimpy.

Classic. Classic.
Samurai pizza cats
nuff said!
Samurai Jack
First season of Pokemon
Courage the Cowardly Dog
I'm not sure if they show any Tom and Jerry anymore
Original Bugs Bunny and the rest of the gang

All I can think of atm...
GI Joe the original
Transformers the original
Tom & Jerry?

that show where the main character was a catdog, cat on one end dog on the other, i guess they hated each other because it must have been a constant battle between who's gonna eat and who's gonna poo....


Also: Hey Arnold, Mission Hill, Undergrads (it's a classic)
GI Joe
Three pages and not one mention of Animaniacs?

That and Justice League/Batman:TAS.
Three pages and not one mention of Animaniacs?

That and Justice League/Batman:TAS.

Batman: The Animated Series is more than just a mere cartoon, this thread is unworthy of its awesomeness.

I remember when it first came on, I had grown up watching reruns of the 60's live action show, and then when Tim Burton made the '89 movie, Bruce Timm really took the gothic look and ran with it. Batman: TAS is the greatest comic book adaptation ever put on celluloid.

Also Mark Hamill is the best Joker ever.

Sailor Moon

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