Duality 8/8H LFM Quality Players

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<Duality> is now recruiting for our 25man raids. The guild was 7/7H last tier and finished this tier at a US 56th 25m. We are looking for amazing players come MoP. You can expect us to be a fairly hardcore and highly competitive guild even with our 4 day a week raiding schedule.

We have a very relaxed but structured raid atmosphere, where we will except nothing but the best with as little down time as possible. All of our raiders come prepared to make the most of our raid nights as well.

We have several alt runs during the week out of which we are also 8/8h.

We raid on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Mon from 7:30 to 11:30 EST.

Current Progression:
Heroic 25man: 8/8H

At this time we are looking for: (Core Spots)

Melee: DK’S / Enhance Shamans / Monks / Rogues !!!

Ranged: Mages / Ele Shamans / Locks !!!

Healers: Resto Druid / Mistweaver Monk

Must have a min. Ilvl of 403+ and have atleast 8/8h experience +

If you have a legendary or are a DPS that is constantly parsing and at the top of your meters all the time but are not mentioned above please feel free to apply also.!!!!!!

If interested, or if you have questions, please contact:

Main: Nostradamuz @ Zul'jin
Real Id: wowemail0307@gmail.com

Main: Hightìmes (alt+0236) @ Zul'jin
Real Id: justingillo@gmail.com
or Apply at our website:
wtb warriors
the proverbial 5/8H bump
derp lol
WTB A damn warrior ... do they not exist ?
01/13/2012 08:51 AMPosted by Nostradamuz
WTB A damn warrior ... do they not exist ?
looks like nat is finally gonna finish leveling my warrior, incoming Taurenqtlol
01/13/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Chapterhouse
Gratz on getting Ultraxion down.

Much appreciated bump :)
Need an Execute button.
bump for 6/8h
Spine is going to make us take a rage dump irl
some of us enjoy rage dumping irl

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