<Plan B> 5/6 MV | LF Mature 25-Man Raiders

Area 52
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I raise you 1 bump :)
bump, bump
We sure could use a good mage or 2
Don't happen to need a hunter do you?
Heroic Morchok down.

Sorry, we're full on hunters. Needs mages and boomkin/feral DPS badly, though.
Mage Bump
Hi there, 394 Fury Warrior looking to transfer off Archimonde, I was the GM of a 25 man guild, that went to 10, Archimonde is a dead server over all now. I liked your raid times and loot system, both work for me. I am 30 and as a former gm can appreciate the desire to keep immature attitudes out of guild. Let me know if you might be interested.


I wish we could take you, but our 25-man is pretty well fleshed out for plate-wearing melee. We have six, although no fury warriors. One is a new recruit, but the others all have 90% attendance or higher. You're welcome to apply on our website, though; if you have some World of Logs parses to show what kind of numbers you can put up, it would help. You'd probably spend a bit of time riding the bench before we could get you a raid spot, though.

We also run a 10-man Fri/Mon, 8-11 pm, if you're interested.

You could also join the guild and run DS with one of the alt/PUG runs we put together. Get to know the guild members, see how you like it, and shoot for a permanent raiding spot later. We're always looking for mature, intelligent players to fill our ranks.

Feel free to apply here: http://www.planbguild.com/forums/community/guild-recruitment

Even if you decide not to join Plan B, I highly recommend transferring to Area 52. It's an awesome server for Horde, and Dragon Soul is regularly cleared by PUGs.
Updated 10-man raid information and added by-class recruitment requirements.
Mage Bump
Both our 10-man and 25-man raid are full. However, we are willing to fit in a fire/arcane mage with an ilevel of at least 395 for our 25-man raid.

That being said, we're always recruiting exceptional players. If you have an ilevel of 395+, have an average of at least 80% of limit for boss fights on World of Logs, are able to commit to 75-90% attendance, and possess superb raid awareness, feel free to apply.
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Mage bump
double mage bump fur da clothie in us all
Updated progress of 25-man and 10-man teams and opened recruiting for a mage, rogue, druid, and paladin.

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