<Plan B> 5/6 MV | LF Mature 25-Man Raiders

Area 52
arc bump
Need a fire mage
Need a Good mage still
I'ss see ur bump and raise u another
Bump! Bump! Bump!
Bump. Opened recruiting for a few more classes. Where have all the mages gone?
Got a Resto Druid. Still need mages...
Bump for 4/8 DS10 HM.
What exactly are you looking for in the 10 man? Is there room for a mage and a rogue? I am transferring this toon over to Area 52 this week and my friend has his toon there already. Both of us have a lot of raiding experience over many toons.
Hellscream, huh? Spent my days there in classic WoW. Curious how long you've played there. Know any of the classic High Warlords or Grand Marshals? Remember a horde guild called Immortalis or when Keepers of the Faith was a US top 100-raiding guild? Ah, the memories.

Anyway, I suggest you talk to Warlug or Morgreal in game if you're interested in the 10-man. That's their baby.

25-man could use a second Shadow Priest ... still short mages, too.
I've played on Hellscream since the end of BC and beginning of Wrath. Keepers used to be an amazing guild but they imploded. Many of their players still reside there on different guilds, mostly Play and Spite and Malice.
Open recruitment... Mainly need healers other than Pally's, and Dps Dk's.

Please app and so we can bring you in www.planbguild.com
good guild you should join it
Open recruiting for any exceptional players. Please link a World of Logs parse when you apply.
Closed recruitment for Paladins and Death Knights.

Also, 25-man HM Hagara down.
Yes GJ guidies!!!

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