<A> Ancients of Azeroth needs raiders!

Ancients of Azeroth is a 25man raiding guild that is laid back and fun, but also knows when to get serious and focus up for a boss kill. So far we are 6/8 in Dragon Soul Heroics, and raid on Tu/Thurs/Mon from 6pm-10pm (PST). We distribute loot via EPGP, and use Mumble for our raids.

Currently, we are looking for a few permanent raiders to finalize our core group and add a little diversity in our raid makeup. We are also always looking for skilled players who know their stuff but would be more comfortable in a fill-in role because of their schedule.

As usual, please have all your gear correctly gemmed and enchanted, and know your class!

What we are looking for:

Resto/Ele Shaman
Priests (any)
Ranged DPS, aside from Hunters.

Even if you don't see your spec listed above but are interested, hit me up anyway, as we are always looking for awesome players who are dependable and enthusiastic about raiding.

If you are interested, please contact Numerodos, Assabe, Exlpozer or Thelmo (either a /whisper or in-game mail is fine), fill out an App from our site, or reply here!

Apply at: http://forum.ancientsofazeroth.net/
WOL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/10415/5/
We are now 7/8 in DS25, and still need the classes mentioned, hit us up if you wanna be there for our first deathwing kill!
We are now 8/8, took down deathwing the day before the nerf! Still looking for more raiders...
Still looking for some additions to our raid roster for the classes and specs stated above.
YOU are needed for our heroic progression

Contact any officer, or fill out an application at


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Make that 1/8H (25m)...

Contact Numerodos, Assabe, Explozer or Thelmo, or fill out an application at


Looking forward to hearing from you!
Still looking for more raiders for our team!
Going to talk to Assabe next time I see him on. bump
We could still use some part-time raiders who can step in to help us out as we keep progressing on heroic content. Ideally, a Mage or Shadow Priest. We could also use a reliable Prot and Ret Paladin.

Talk to Numerodos, Assabe, Explozer or Kleinkak.
we need shadow priest and mage too!
We are now 6/8 Heroic, working on Spine and making rapid progress! Could use a Resto Shaman, any Priest, or really any ranged dps aside from Hunters. Reply here, or message Numerodos, Assabe, Turil, or Kleinnomore.
I'm interested. 4/8H on my other resto shaman, 3/8H on this one. 398 ilvl in resto gear, 390 in enhance.

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