Swifty and Athene leaving Darkspear

01/30/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Icemanux
Does Vox Radix sell mounts, titles, or vials?

ask them.
Figured anything with Athene's or Swifty's name in the title would flock the trolls here.

Truth of the matter is Athene went to Vodka, and Swifty is considering it but is not 100%. To make an accusation based upon assumption that Athene is getting carried is pretty much like saying 95% of Darkspear are piloted gladiators.

Dara Mactire, and it's members, support Swifty and Athene on their decisions to do what they want and what they need to do as far as getting the gear or achievements.

There's no bad blood between anyone, and it's this misconstrued monstrosity on the forums that sends the wrong information to others and begins rumors.

Beyond popular belief, Dara Mactire's still here... and we're not going anywhere anytime soon.
01/30/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Icemanux
Does Vox Radix sell mounts, titles, or vials?

They have a thread on these forums about what gear they might sell. To the best of my recollection they only start to do so once there is not a need for the item in their raids anymore.

That is one of the reasons Athene probably left - he couldn't find a guild here willing to sell him the two PVE healing trinkets out of heroic Dragon Soul in the near term. Vodka is (obviously) ahead of everyone here, and has the luxury of having more gear since they're farming the raid now, and was probably willing to sell those trinkets to him.

TLDR: shared random drop trinkets are dumb :P.
01/19/2012 11:12 AMPosted by Nymfy
I actually hope they don't leave because I transferred to Darkspear just because it was a highly populated PvP server. My old server was so dead that I could never find an arena partner and world PvP never happened. it was boring. With Swifty and Athene on Darkspear the server should be one of the last to die out as the game gets older and older.

I have to agree. I don't give a damn about any of the youtubers, but they bring in a lot of people to Darkspear.
Update: Swifty said last night he would go to any server with an rbg team that would "help" him get to 2200 in rbgs. So it sounds like he's decided to hold out for a pvp carry instead of a pve gear carry like Athene is getting from Vodka.
nice man hahaha
Zigenqt hit the nail on the head. Yeah, I dont do sht with WoW but play as a casual, but... I do work covering about 75 sqmiles of both Urban and Rual settings with one other officer and at times...have to PVP in real life. Unlike WoW PVP, there is not a healer, Spirit Resurrections and no do overs...

Guess I am glad I am a nobody, cause its only when I am in the newspapers is when I am the looser of a real life PVP encounter, and thats fame I don't want or need.

I betting that Night is kind of on the younger side due to the content of his / her post or have his / her priorities wrong.

Fail. Im 24 a logistics manager and this is my alt. Your stupid get at me when ur 2200 post is about as meanigful as Bobcats pathetic attempt to sound important. Bob, your a number, a tool a slave. Your death would mean nothign to 99.9% of the population.

Swifty and Athene get paid to make videos about doing something they love. Only a bunch of lowlife self centered insecure tools would insult sumone who spends there time tryign to inform and help other people get better at this game.

You are pathetic. and noone of any signifigance knows who you are. The fact that you compare your acheivments over a video game to try and make yourself feel superior says it all. Your a loser and you seem to think WoW means something. Noone cares about your rateing or what you do. Noone transfers to darkspear to play with you. Noone pst's you fron login to logout because noone cares about you. Swfty and Athene however have millions of followers. They are Famous, You are noone.

Go look in the mirror. Try to find somethign to liek about yourself. Then hold onto that thought because noone else is going to tell you anythign good about your pathetic existance
dang dude, calm down you're freaking out this is a game
Thanks for the laugh Night, you proved my point.


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