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@Saz 9/10 Looks pretty solid. Just wish the shoulders were a little bigger.
@Nyogtha 8/10 I think that helm makes that ZA set better heh.
Looks similar to the Earthfury set so I would say 7/10.
I like it but i gotta give u a

9/10 :)
Nice combo of the 70 vendor and S1 gear.
You match! Every piece works! Obviously 10/10.

9/10 not a lot of transmog... but I really like green :)
5/10 Helm is cool but rest falls flat for me...I like Flashy
pizo ewww cant do anything but laugh
pizo ewww cant do anything but laugh

Just jealous of my Pimpness...It's OK ; )
pizo ewww cant do anything but laugh

Looks good on an orc.
Thunderhowl, nice set, looks good on a tauren. It matches pretty well.
@ Armodel
8/10 I'm really liking the helm.

Not the best looking on troll IMO. but still pretty sick.
2/10 for compromising with lvl 80 naxx pieces >:l
1/10 for not having boots
3/10 for both shujenka and huuys, not having matching weapons for you armor.
10/10. Love the T12 Heroic gear.

What I did for mine, I basically transmogged my chest to some random chest and used the closest matching tabard that I could to hide it, transmogged the legs and the boots to make the rest match.
7/10 just cause the axes get you some bonus pts
01/16/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Huuys
1/10 for not having boots

Red boots looks lame, 0/10 for being you

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