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@ Shujenka 8/10

Would be 10/10 with a good one hand/shield combo, but guess thats not an option when you have Dragonwrath :P
9/10 Cause you look to pallyish ;P
I like the bloody thug look you are going for 9/10....Im so so sad that i cant find a damn shield to match my stuff. Tried this turtle shell but it sits sideways on my back (dislike) and is a bit small. I am considering going back to my Stormcallers set with the Red Dragonscale Protector just because they all match. Unless someone has a shield suggestions for this set?:)
@Rabbith I like your t13 set but as we're rating "mogs" 0/10 youy better geared than most shammy's I've seen (I'm 21st out of all types of shamans on my server)

I am wearing the current tier pvp set xmogged to look like Firelands T12 gear (for deception purposes) (no FL head piece yet :( )

I am working on the AQ40 set currently for my pve gear :)
8/10. Like the mix of T12/13 gear.

I redid my transmog a bit. Main difference between Sanctified T10 traditional set is that I'm wearing T13 leggings instead of T10 legs. I prefer leggings over robes.
9/10 Everything matches perfectly :)
Stormcaller's is amazing. Idk about the Red Dragonscale Protector though Rabbith, too big (and red). Drillborer Disk is perfect IMO.
I haven't done much moggin on this toon yet mainly because I haven't come up with a theme. I do know that for the head I want a mail circlet.

I'll give you 2/10, for the time being.
Just going to assume you logged out in the wrong set since you seem to be... like... split into 2 halves.
Well I seem to like the more mono chromed styles. I made this one to look more melee than spell.
8/10, I like how the head and shoulders provide a nice contrast with the rest of the armour =)
@Azimi 6/10 Looks all a bit out of place but I adore that hat. How that hat is a mail pieces.. we will never know.
I 9/10
You look very trolly, but that hair! We should tame it with a pair of shears...
And I am also a fan of the hat :3

I just hit 85 and then went farming for mog gear, so I don't have a real shield yet to mog with. Soon...
I was also hoping for a specific green for the shoulders and gloves, but we know how farming greens is. Ebonhold gloves to go with the boots, and Mercurial shoulders. I may try to dig up a different pair of boots since these look a tad off color in the armory pose. But they look fine in -game, so hmm.
I'm so sexay.
i like the starter area look :P 6/10

Im trying to find a good shield to match my set :(

Not really much transmog, looks kinda silly

Weapons and armor are not entirely blending to my liking, though you look powerful with those weapons.

Midway through this transmog spec.....

Only half of you is transmog'd D: I can dig the green look you're goin' for though.
8/10, love that set, glad to see some old school players still around to rock it too :D

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