Predominant is LFM 25m 8/8 6/8 HM ilevel 390+

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<Predominant> of Stormrage (Alliance) is a level 25 guild current progress is 8/8 Normal 6/8 HM in 25 mans. Predominant was established in June 2010 and we are still going strong. We are a tight knit group and we are currently recruiting to do 8/8 HM and push through MoP. Please visit our website for more information ( If you have any questions feel free to post on our forums.


1. Be able to make raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 8PM-11PM EST.
2. Be 8/8 or at least experienced enough with the encounters.
3. Have the basics fundamentals of a raider: Gear ready with gems and enchants, and have raiding professions. WE WILL PROVIDE CAULDRONS AND FOOD
4. Be of item level of 390 and above.
5. Raid awareness is a must.
6. Be mature and respectful. Age requirement of 18+

What are we looking for?

Recruitment needs:

Updated: 29 March 2012
    Prediminant has open recruiting. If you can make our raid times and you can bring your raiding skills to the table please apply on the provided link. We are always looking for DPS and Healers that excel and have the attitude of a raider with a progression mentality.

What is our goal?
We always aim to be the best and our core have been playing since vanilla. Predominant is interested in hardmodes and challenging content. It makes the game fun for us and we are looking for people that want the same as we do.That being said we are focused on being in the running for 25 man guilds in MoP.

There are many quality players out there in need of a good team and we can offer that. If you are interested in raiding and have the ambition the guys in Predominant strive for feel free to contact me in-game. Any of my officers can assist and answer questions: Twistedpain, Baker, Kealz, Thunder, Shadoskillz or Shottz. If you want to contact me directly add me to Real I.D.

Apply on our website

Note: Make sure new applicants follow daily on any questions we may have on the application.

Hope to hear back from some raiders!

GM of Predominant
What about fart jokes, I see a lot about basic raid requirements but let me cover the other side of things.

Fart jokes are a must, we are a little ruff around the edges with each other and we don't have filters on our mouths.

If you let your kid watch your toon while you bio, we will do our best to get your child to kill your toon! There will be T-bagging ESP if you die to silly mechanics during the fight!

We all have professional jobs and family's so we try to not waste each others time, while still enjoying our habit!

Hope to see you in game!
Mustache rides? There is nothing more magical. Your bro-stash looks good on that Dwarf!
Egads rogue spot filled, still looking for pro healers and ppl that don't mind being back-up because of rl.
Looking for range DPS and Healers!
Still looking for heals
We are also in the process of starting a weekend team! Sunday's 7-12 raiding. Need everything. More information to follow.
01/16/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Beleaguër
Gear ready with gems and enchants, have flasks and pots, bring your food and have raiding professions.

So the guild doesn't provide flasks or food for raiding?
We do provide that but as we grow we want people to help farm and work as a team for the same goal. We all enjoy raiding and we all have to work together on the farming side to provide feasts and cauldrons.
It's corrected! :-)
Still looking for a dedicated healer for our weekday raid and taking applications to the weekend raids. Apply at under Forums section!
Still looking for a dedicated healer for our weekday raid and taking applications to the weekend raids. Apply at under Forums section!
We going to 25's!
It think its more a mentality that most raider's have... "always have your own" so you don't get caught with your pant's down kinda thing. I think we have alchy masters for both pot's and elixers if your wanting to have some for you or an alt. and we are always sharing cookies if we need them!

Need 6 DPS (melee and ranged) and 2 Healers (Preffer 2 Shamans). PST in-game or post here for contact!
Melee spots are full. We still looking for healers and range DPS for 25 man hardmode raiding. Please use the application format on the forums.
Yes this guild comes loaded grepairs during raid, food and flasks. If you cant keep up theres the bench, keep it warm slackers.

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