Predominant is LFM 25m 8/8 6/8 HM ilevel 390+

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Hurray for page 5!
More toys!
Bump.....for more healers
Haha u had to change ur name!
Recruitment needs in dire need of an update!!
lol yeah, at the top of the list are Holy paladins
Come out and play!
Any holy paladins?
You called?!
This is the part where this gets edited!
Need a Holy Pally for raiding before I get suckered into doing it myself!
Hey I am looking to move back to Stormrage,
Double Feral Druid looking currently looking to transfer to your realm, But before I do i'm currently looking for a raiding to join on your realm. First off I have been raiding since TBC on several different toons, I know my classes & role and shouldn't have a problem what so ever.

Currently iLvl 394
Kitty Spec - 0/35/6
Bear Spec - 0/32/9

If your currently interested & like to know more in depth,
plz leave a msge on here or In-game @Hydrated,
Thank You for your time.
Our raid times are posted on the first page and more information can be found on our site at Alternatively feel free to contact me in game via RID at, and we can sit and chat a spell. :o
Will Do, I will prbly talk to you on my Shaman thats already on the realm, if you have any questions. send me in-game mail at Hydrated and we will chat :)
Blizzard hates me and refuses to give me a better weapon than this CoC mace. :(
Still recruiting, currently in need of a Holy Paladin.

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