Where's my staff?

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Still no Staves in the online armory? i'm really not sure why this is taking so long.
You have a Jaina's Staff showing up on your character's info. Are you saying that's wrong?
I'm saying my hands are empty in the picture, and it's been 6 months since any staff has shown up on my armory picture
i'm bumping this because it's still the case, and there is still no response i can find on this forum.
Casters don't show their weapons because they are performing cast animations. It's not a bug and I don't think Blizz has any intention of changing it unless they decide to bring back 3D renders. /crossfingers =)
That's ridiculous.
Searched and found this tipic (I know its an old one, but the problem is still here)

My staff don't show either.

Casting animation, the staff should still show up on the back and it is not.

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