[A] RBG Team, LFM (Pushing 1800+)

A few members from a current core RBG group that has been running 2 seasons in a row, at around 1600, are LFM for a second RBG group on alts.

EDIT: Run times would be roughly 7PM Server time for 3 to 4 hrs (ending at roughly 10 or 11).

We are hoping to push at least 1800, and to do so have certain requirements of members -

  • There will be extensive Armory and Playerscore checks of both gear and spec. Everything needs to be gemmed and enchanted correctly, all glyph slots filled etc...
  • The minimum Resil requirement will most likely be around 4.2K, with exceptions for Rogues with the daggers, casters with the staff, or Humans who use an extra PvE trinket (EMFH).
  • Vent and a working mic are a necessity. Everyone needs to be able to hear everyone else, and speak up when needed.
  • Decent computer and connection. Don't need a monster computer, or extremely expensive connection, but DCs and lag can often pose a problem, so it is nice to avoid those, and avoid constant long AFK breaks whilst people restart PCs or Vent.
  • There will be addon requirements - the names and types of addons will be explained, but a select few are 100% required to compete at a high level.
  • Everyone is expected to have focus and assist macros, and keybindings, or perform on par without them.
  • *Previous experience will be preferred, IE linking achievements*
  • We are looking at running the following comp (meleecleave):

  • TANK/FC - Prot Warrior (Arms DPS Off-Spec as of 4.3.2) (Human preferable for EMFH)
  • HEALS 1 - Holy Paladin
  • HEALS 2 - Disc Priest
  • HEALS 3 - Resto Druid
  • DPS 1 - Fire Mage
  • DPS 2 - AffLock
  • DPS 3 - Frost/Unh DK
  • DPS 4 - Frost/Unh DK
  • DPS 5 - Sub Rogue
  • DPS 6 - ***BLANK*** (Most likely another Melee class. In order, 1. Arms War 2. Feral 3. Retadin)
  • Daggers for the Sub Rogue, and Staff for the Fire Mage and AffLock are acceptable.

    If you're interested in an enjoyable PvP experience and feel you can perform, just reply to the thread or send me a mail in-game! :D
    P.S If you have an alt code in your name, please include what it is so you can be looked up in Armory etc.. Thanks!
    What times are you planning to run the RBGs? Thanks
    I'd play on my druid, feral or moonkin :o
    What times are you planning to run the RBGs? Thanks

    Sorry I didn't make that clear, I'll edit the OP.
    Roughly around 7pm server time, for 3 to 4 hrs (ending at say 10 or 11).

    01/10/2012 03:02 PMPosted by Sparkleheart
    I'd play on my druid, feral or moonkin :o

    If you can give me a name to Armory etc.. and fit the requirements, as said above, please do so :)
    It'd have to be Feral, as per slot DPS 6.
    2550 rbg rating/hero of the alliance feral in the first rbg season. Haven't played much this and the previous season. I meet all your requirements, and wouldn't mind playing with you guys if you want a feral. Contact me in game.
    This is my Druid (Sparkleheart). I'd rather play a moonkin because I think it's more competitive in rbgs than feral or any other extra melee slot. If you're looking to run a complete melee cleave, I might find another group to run with instead.
    What days, and curious as to what team you are in on your mains - have an unholy / frost dk alt that I wouldn't mind running on as long as it doesn't interfere with my current schedule.
    id be up for it depening on the days. dont have prevoius exp in rbgs and will have ~4k resil next week when i get my ilvl403 helm( have ~3600 atm)
    I'm definitely interested, I was in a top RBG back in Medivh. I run as an AffLock with 4K res (old gear). Please let me know the time and days you're running.

    Possibly interested. Resto druid w/ 4.1k resil. Ask to see my spec/gear - my current PVP gear isn't completely reforged/enchanted, waiting on a few more upgrades. My resto spec is (as of now) set up for PvE. What days are you thinking of?
    01/22/2012 02:28 AMPosted by Iakopa
    What days, and curious as to what team you are in on your mains - have an unholy / frost dk alt that I wouldn't mind running on as long as it doesn't interfere with my current schedule.

    You have ran with my mains RBG team numerous times, and done 2s with my main aswell, LOL.

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Hadn't checked the thread for a while - am going to make an effort to contact everybody over the next few days.

    As the OP says, the running time would be around 7PM server time, give or take an hour, and we'd be hopefully running for 3-4 hrs. The days, I'd have to sort out with everyone individually, but it will be a day that majority (at least 6 or 7) of the team can make.

    tsk tsk m8, I found you....
    I'm interested if 7pm falls on a US Friday or Saturday. Resto druid 4.6k something resil, though will fluctuate if I get a nice pve trinket maybe. I see some familiar names here, I'll pretty much give any team a go...hit 1895 last season with some people who've gotten lazy! Which is sad because it was at the end of the season and we could have climbed higher. Pretty sure I fit the bill, amory and playing a game will assist with knowing that. I'd hope to go above 1800 however.
    Pretty sure Iakopa could go above 1800 too :P
    Add me to your list.I hit 1700 RBG rating from pugs on my last server.I'm in a full set of cata minus a couple off pieces. Battlemaster, Justicar, and Knight Lieutenant
    Hello, first of all my name is Mike. I haven't played much during cata just due to the lack of excitement I guess. Just haven't enjoyed the game till I started rbgs. I just recently started playing again, and geared up from season 9 gear.
    I'm now looking for a serious rbg group.

    My real id: mikeqc603@hotmail.com
    My Rbg rating is 1500 atm.
    I have 2200 experience in 3s during wotlk I played spell cleave. Also 1900+ in 2s and 5s. I have 4.5k resilience, I'm still working on my gear. But its starting to get to the point where I have to do arenas or rbgs. I have been doing rbgs on my realm with friends but the people we are playing with aren't that great, and I want to get into a group with more skilled players that are on the same level as me.
    If your interested just add me on real id or msg me in game on my realm.

    Thank you.
    Keilanii - Proudmoore
    Skilled Holy pal 4.2k resil 4.5k w/out pve wep/trink
    1800rbg exp on Frost mage

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