Kel'thuzad Facebook..

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I know over on Illidan we had a facebook that is regularly used to get groups, schedule pugs, sell stuff, and find arena partners.

I started one over there, nothing special.. Just sometimes a little bit more accessible compared to forums.

Keep the drama to a minimum please, just trying to make it a bit more easy to get groups and such. Horde and Alliance welcome :P

if there is already a FB for KT then my bad! I searched and couldn't find one!
Looks like there are a few using this group:

But yeah it would be nice to get something together.

The small realm I transferred from has a pretty fun group:
lol yeah that one group hasn't been used in like 9 months.. I saw that as well..
hmm >_>

<3 facebook
I requested to join.
Maybe....maybe I'll join :o

Have about 12 members so far.. just trying to help out!
My mom uses Facebook
omg omg...request sent!!!
01/12/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Villefort
omg omg...request sent!!!

Accepted! :P
More sexies needed in our facebook group
^_^ I've sent you a request mah dear. ^_^

more dps Delindice
D: . . . Q_Q

Watchu talkin about Ville?
It's something I say to nonhealers...specially when I feel like trolling
;___; But... But...

Aight I got nothing. XD
hmm, this is far too nerdy
Nothing is too nerdy on a WoW realm forum.

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