Will You Level A Pandaren?

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I will..... be rolling a Healing Monk for sure...
Ehh, I will most likely make a Panda. Maybe a monk, depending on the Heriloom gear they use (think its leather)
I'll make a pandaren monk for sure. as for leveling? no prob, with the lfd system i can get to mid 70's in a weekend.
Definitely, after I get my 35 rogue and 45 priest to 85 ;D
Nope. Don't want to be a panda, and I'm happy focusing on one toon.
I probably will, though I will definitely be avoiding making one for at least a month; the starting area for Pandaren is going to be incredibly hard on my fps, especially with BOTH factions being put there to begin. Even with the incredible leaps and bounds technology is making in the realm of computers, I'll be watching a slideshow if I try to make a panda monk early in the expansion.
i want to say yes but i fear the pandas will be locked away until you reach a certain level like the green goblins...... i hate being lcoked away on an island


Lets protest against Giligans island syndrome.
Definately making a pandaren.

Definately making a monk.

Definately not making a pandaren monk.
No, my sister loved Pandass, when she was 4.
Did you really just ask me if i wanted to play my favorite MMORPG with my favorite animal? FLUCK-YEAH I WILL!!!
making a monk, but not a pandaren monk.
in fact, i'm not making a pandaren at all.
ya i will, just like i leveled a goblin and worgan to see zones but max it out? na

It's all about the UD monk baby!!
No, simply mo, they don't belong to the Horde, neither does my species, but here we are, "aiding" Bulkhead Musclebrain and the rest of the crew.

Nah, make them Alliance, oh and take Trolls from us and exchange it for Worgens, they already defected once from the Alliance, what's the difference if they do it now? I mean, we could even convince our old Ranger General to stop "buying" properties all over the place. :)
No 11th slot means no panda for me.
I feel sorry for the poor players starting a Pandaren once both the Alliance and Horde find the first zone the pandas can be flagged for PvP in. I've seen so many guilds and people swearing oaths to slaughter every enemy faction panda they see. :(

But yes. I'll make a panda once enough time has passed so that I can play a not-slideshow game in the Panda starting area.
Katherina, are there many Guilds swearing oaths to hunt them? Where do I sign up?
Should I bring Flailing maces, salt and lemons to enjoy the day or what do you think will hurt them more? Oh wait, maybe reminding them they were and are nothing but a footnote, an April's joke taken too far. I can tell them of a place to stick up their brews and whatever they bring.

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