Will You Level A Pandaren?

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I'll prolly race change something to one.
I will most likely be making a monk.
i'm not really interested in leveling anything ever again.
No more races! WTB new hero class.
Be getting a Pandaren Monk through the starting zone for sure, and up to 20 or 30. If I'm still liking the class, then I'll probably take him all the way up. I really like how the healing is looking for the Monk, plus Pandas <3
Yep, yep, and yep! Both the wiff and I have place holder toons on our main server for one Pandaren each. Since monk is the new class, that's more than likely what we'll roll but you never know. Anyway, unlike most however, we will not be swallowing the new content whole and finish it within a day/week/month. Per our usual strategy we'll take our time and enjoy the hardwork the dev team and artists will have put into the xpac. So far just the artwork alone looks spectacular! Dare I say it? Like the Padarens love good food and drink, the artwork itself looks to be a feast just in and of itself.
Only if we get more character slots per server
Yes, especially if they actually do away with the character per server limit.
I'll just make one to see how their story goes, then probably delete 'em...

I seem to be into Blood Elves... lol.

Plus I have two-three of every class, so.... and my monk will be a male dwarf...
Nope, will be rolling my Monk as an Orc, unless Pandarens pack some serious racials.

Blood Fury, Hardiness, and increased expertise with Fist Weapons just begs for orcs to make awesome melee monks.
I am going to be a Pandaren Brewmaster. It. Will. Be. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No :-/
Why not? I leveled a Forsaken, after all...
<- Already has "Pandaemonium" reserved on his server for his upcoming Pandaren Monk.
Hell yes I will, I can't wait.

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