Will You Level A Pandaren?

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I will start a lvl 1 panderen monk, and level it when doing so seems fun to me.
01/11/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Nethaera
There are on-going discussions about how we want to handle this issue. If I recall correctly, there were some ideas brought up at BlizzCon about what we could potentially do to alleviate the concerns about extra character slots, but I don't have any more information on a specific decision right now.

Actually, that was me who brought that up at Blizzcon, and Ghostcrawler said that you guys were thinking about keeping the total character cap per account, but removing the cap of characters per realm, while staying in the 50 char cap.
I'll probably play their starting zone and that's it.
Hard to say, depends on how the females turn out (I prefer to play my own gender). If they're good, I might roll a monk or shaman and level it to max.

Otherwise, I might roll a male and play through the Panderen starting zones, but probably stop there.

All assuming I'm still playing this game by then...
I doubt it.

I don't like Tauren, I don't like Worgen... I think I just dislike anthropomorphic animal-like races.

So no. No pandas.

Because unlike some of the idiots who post here i'm not scared of playing something a bunch of basement dwellers think is Childish.

If the character limit on realms is increased/removed, maybe.

If not, probably not.
I need a panda to troll trade. There has to be some new jokes and fun with that to be had while trolling trade during the expansion.
I plan on making a pandaren monk day one and getting it to 90 within ~2-3 days leveling is not an issue with me. I'm maxed on 85s and have already begun to work on a new collection on a different server. Hopefully the cap gets raised.
I won't roll one when MoP goes live. Will be too busy with my current 85s and there will be too many Pandaren running around anyways. I'll likely work on a Monk though. Just gotta see which Horde race looks the best in Monk armor and has the best looking animations.

Hooray for reserved beta spot.
So many furries in one place.

I will, however, make a human monk named Brucelee and consistently lay the smackdown on anyone named Chucknorris.
01/11/2012 10:23 PMPosted by Mongtrollian
So many furries in one place.

This made me laugh. Thank you good sir for proving my point.

I understand that it's not technically easy to do some of the things we the players have asked for.

But in a game that is many many years old now, it's to be expected that people will have maxed out their realm slots.

Players are paying you good money each month to play this game with their friends, and relatives on servers they have decided to call home, and players should not have to choose between moving a toon to another server which costs money, or deleting a toon they put many hours of fun and work into, or abandoning the server and friends they prefer to make a new toon on a realm.

Many people will want to play a Pandaren and a Monk, but not always a Pandaren monk. I hope Blizzard doesn't think to long, but thinks hard about a decision that will support continued good will from some of their most avid players and will give us at least 2 if not more extra slots for toons on realms.
01/11/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Melánie
So many furries in one place.

This made me laugh. Thank you good sir for proving my point.
Hey now, there's nothing childish about being a furry; it's serious stuff. Stay back, furry.
If they give me an 11th Character slot then yes.
Another question for this should be "Who will make a non monk Panderen?" I may race change my hunter into a panderen as a panda hunter sounds amusing. lol
I'll go either Hunter or some kind of spellcaster, depending on which set of animations I like better.
Will I level a Panda, most likely not, but I will have a monk on both horde and alliance side.

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