Will You Level A Pandaren?

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Yep, sure will, I like the idea of a character that looks sweet and cuddly and cute BUT beneath that cute exterior is one mean female with an itch to kick some butt:)
No. Just no. I can't seem to get an alt more than part way in Outland. No amount of rolly-pollyness will do the trick, I am pretty darn sure.

That's what I get for playing on-and-off (mostly on) for over 7 years...

But then again maybe by 2013 I will be refreshed enough from my long vacation from this game.

You do realize that you can do dungeons and BGs for fast leveling. Also, have a BOA gear set ready for Pandaz.
And please stop comparing Pandaren to Kung Fu Panda! Warcraft and the lore for Pandaren was out WAY before a Kung Fu Panda was even thought of! Fact.
I couldn't make it through the worgen starting area. Being stuck in your own, secluded/instanced version of the world by yourself for a few levels was something I'd already done with death knights, and it just wasn't worth it for the story. Maybe if I was going to play the character, sure, but I already had a character of every class. I never even bothered with the goblins.

I don't see why I would make a panda bear.
01/11/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Snarebusta
Nope. I will be cancelling before the talents even get implemented let alone the actual expansion.
I'll level a Pandaren for sure! I really enjoy the leveling in WoW.
I'm making my Pandaren Monk day one,...now I wont play him day one first thing im gonna do is get my Warlock to 90 this is not only allow me to experience the content on the only toon I care about first, but it will also lessen the traffic of people when I actually Play him

Pandarian Monk FOR THE HORDE
Only if Blizz increases the toon max per realm- I have 10 Alli and don't want to delete any of them.
I'm not interested in that race at all, too silly. Yeah we have gnomes and various other animal people but something about pandas is just weird. And I think its annoying that the race is shared between Ally and Horde. At least make them look slightly different?
Nah there too childish for me...

I will roll a monk maybe but not a pandaren.
Hey Neth, any talk around the watercooler about extra character slots? I mean, with the monk class, it'll be impossible to have one of every class now on the same server.

There are on-going discussions about how we want to handle this issue. If I recall correctly, there were some ideas brought up at BlizzCon about what we could potentially do to alleviate the concerns about extra character slots, but I don't have any more information on a specific decision right now.

For years people have begged for this, only to be met with a condescending attitude at blizzcon ("just buy another account"), at least they seemed a bit more open last year.

I don't see what the problem is - people can have 50 characters pr account, so let people chose which server they want those 50 on.
the fact that they can be either Faction bothers me,...and the fact you cant talk cross faction with other panda's is ...well...flawed...but ill make one lol

one thing ill never make is a Gobo...screw Goboz

(different subject)

I said from day one Horde should of gotten Ogre's

Ogre's could of been Mage,Warlock, Hunter, Warrior, Shamen, Priest,...and I suppose DKs (and DK was only because everything got DK,..Screw that class lol ( that is my personal opinion no one needs to comment on that)

the only classes Ogres couldnt be Rogue, Druid, Pally lol
No, because I'd have to delete a character to do so. If Blizz gives us more slots per server, I'll give one a try in a heartbeat.
I will make one monk for sure, the panda just to explore the starting area, but after the whole "making a panda" fever passes :)
I'll def make a Panda Monk. I probably won't level him much because I can't stand Outlands. I might use LFG but there are so many jerks and players wanting to "gogogogogo" that I will just make him a mule.
I'll make human Hunter and call him chuck norris..<.<

Jks: I'll Role Pandaren Monk. I am not too big on this Exp.

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