Will You Level A Pandaren?

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Yes I will try it. I believe they will be more menacing than soft and cuddly, and I do want to see the starting zone. I'm sure talking cows might have been ridiculed at first, but they turned out great.

I'm not sure as what class yet, but I will -most definitely- be rolling a Panda(ren).
If they play ANYTHING like the monk in D3, you beat your sweet left cheek I will.
01/11/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Voltaris
No. but i will make a Pandaren Monk and it will be glorious.
Nope. I don't like humanoid animals.

And just to be clear, I won't level a Tauren alt, either. And I can barely tolerate the Worgen, unless if they're Druids (and I don't have to see them in their "natural" state).
Yep, looking forward to trying a panda monk. I really want to see their /dance and hear their /silly and /flirt emotes too.
Probably not. Not too interested in the Pandaeren, to be frank. I'll still have my Tauren and Worgen characters though.
I will but not right away. I plan on leveling a gnome monk first. :D
Yep! Already have my names picked out.
yes i will.

but when i get to the outlands i plan to drink heavy while playing.
01/11/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Elementos
No amount of rolly-pollyness will do the trick, I am pretty darn sure.

Who knows, maybe theyre secretly like the killer bunny in Monty Python.
No I will not.

I also have never leveled a Death Knight, Worgen or Goblin.

Just not that interested.

Have a great day.
I'll most likely race change my warrior to a panda. Or make a priest.

Since some folks are tunnel-vision to the max I anticipate about 4 billion Panda Monks.
01/11/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Phanta
Yup :) This is my placeholder ;D I think it's going to be my first tank.

I'm in no rush whatsoever to level a panda in MoP.

It sickens me that eventually there will be a youtube video of a Panderen soloing The Lich King.

However watching an elf, a talking cow, a corpse, or a midget do it is perfectly acceptable and more appropriate?

Sure, that makes sense.
Doubtful... I am just trying to get this one toon ironed out geared, etc... Hell I still need to do some lower level rep grinds for achievements I want and I loath doing lower level zones & stuff.
Not right off the bat, but eventually I'll want to see the starting zone.

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