Will You Level A Pandaren?

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Nope... if it doesn't have horns, hooves, and /waggle*... not interested**.

* jig.gle != /waggle
** Seriously, no.
Yes. Why not? I'm up to try anything once.

I may not level it all the way, but I'll definitely try it out.
Sure, I leveled a cow? What's the diff? You all are afraid a panda is too weak and silly and you been watching too many cartoons. Well, a cow is slow and placid, chews it's cud and makes milk for the kiddies. Racial Profiling, you are all guilty!
I'll be leveling up a monk and, depending on if I like the female model (Dwarf proportions please), I may race change a few characters into them. Been waiting since BC was announced, it's about time.
Definitely. I can't wait to try out a Pandaren monk :)

On a semi-related note, now that I have Tyrael's Charger it won't let me delete any toons because of it being BoA, is there any way around this? I have a few alts I want to delete that are taking up space...
ill definitely make one. prob wont take it to the level cap, but ill at least get the starting zones done for it
Perhaps he will be the first to get further than the others.... So many alts have fallen in the wastes of Northrend...
Yes, I'm going to level a Pandaren I cant wait i already have a name on hold for it!
Depends on how I feel at that time. Leveling alts is just so boring. I don't know how some people have so many of them. ><
I'll be making my panda monk, dps / heals.
I will probably try one out, but I won't level one seriously unless they open up the 10 character slots per realm cap. Even 15 per server would be ideal.
Just as I did in Cataclysm, I leveled both Goblin to 85 and Worgen to 15, I will try out a Pandaren. I am not at all amused about the race itself, but I don't want that new content to be left out and ignored by me. I will level him up to 10, choose Horde, pay a visit to my queen over at The Undercity then delete him...
The monk class, however, if available to BloodElves, I will give it a try and level up as much as I can.
Nope. When D3 rolls out I am gone. That and TL2 should keep me occupied for a long, long time.
No, will only play MoP because of the new talent trees.
Way I see it, it's content.Why would you willingly not access content that you're paying for?

My tax dollars also pay for prisons. More content I'm not anxious to see.
Of course! Pandaren seem cool, probably make him a monk, heals...
I'll run a Monk up at least through the starter stuff to see the lore and gain an understanding of the class.

That said, ever since the achievement system came out, I've spent less and less time on alts. I know its silly but I'm focused on seeing the cheevo number on my main go up and up. Its not a monk issue... I've pretty much abandoned my 4 healers and two tanks because working on them started to feel like a distraction from the toon that already had the most points.

Its been a little frustrating because I used to enjoy playing a full field of alts and experiencing encounters from different perspectives, and now I feel rather "married" to my main - its like it gets jealous when I'm off having fun with an alt rather than grinding out some obscure (and horribly boring) achievement like "Professor" (ugh).

I rather hope the transition to account-wide achievements will adjust this in my mind but for now I'm thinking the Monk will be done on some obscure server, leveled a bit, then abandoned before I get too attached to it.

More of a flirtation and one-night-stand, than a relationship. Know what I mean?

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