Will You Level A Pandaren?

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Absolutely. I may need to go to a normal server to do so, but if that's the case then so be it.
I will be leveling one. Possibly another priest haven't decided yet.
Absolutely. I bought a pandaren monk pet so I can have a mini me ;)
No no no... I have a character of every class, all above lvl 80 with the exception of my shammy I just started. First I would need additional slots to level a panda, and second the race would have to be something other than a bad joke. I can't even describe adequately my stunned sense of disbelief when the panda bear was announced as the new playable race. I could imagine Blizz being sued for copyright infringement by the "Kung Fu Panda" people, but perhaps Warcraft Pandaran lore came before the movie.

At any rate I would like to level a monk of a non-panda persuasion. And alternatively I do plan on doing more pvp than ever before in my 7 years of playing this game for the express and sole purpose of killing pandas. It is strangely ironic that a game company that so often worries about the politically correct would create a scenario that allows me to shank fat pandas ad nauseum.

edit: Additionally, let me point out that using a panda to pander to the asian market is about half a notch above reverse race baiting.
Definitely. I can't wait to try out a Pandaren monk :)

On a semi-related note, now that I have Tyrael's Charger it won't let me delete any toons because of it being BoA, is there any way around this? I have a few alts I want to delete that are taking up space...
I haven't had this issue and recently created and deleted a dk. I did have to delete everything in the mailbox though and actually use the charger item in my inventory.
Depends on whether they add another character slot.

If they do then I'll roll a pandaren monk. Probably heal or tank my way to what I assume is going to be level 90.
Obsolutely! I am very much looking forward to rolling a Pandaren Monk (brewmaster) and will be leveling right up to 90. If I enjoy the Monks playstyle I plan on making my Pandaren my second main!

Bring on the Pandaren!
I am anxious to see what the female model will look like (final results) if it looks nice then I will role female ^_^ I have faith that it wont look bad either way they will probably still be cute
Yeah, I probably will level a Pandaren. Seems fun.
Probably. I want to say I will, but I've been laser-focused on my four 85's and not much else, and I don't really see that changing.

The animations are fantastic and the new environments are great, so it makes playing one, even for a little while, an easy decision.

The animations are fantastic !
After seeing the Chuck Norris ad, I can only hope that updated models for the old races come along with MoP.

I feel like an alien standing next to Thrall and Garrosh 0.o
01/12/2012 06:42 AMPosted by Cøron
I'm kinda leaning towards the gnome monks here...

I thought about it.
And I love it.

Best post so far.
01/11/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Phanta
It sickens me that eventually there will be a youtube video of a Panderen soloing The Lich King.

You can't solo lich king...ever...valkyrs throw you off...
Since Pandaren are getting all these cool new animations ... will the rest of the races get finally updated? Some of the races right now are outright awful to look at :(
Going to level it to see the class and then change to Undead Monk. Booyah.
I'll play one just to see new animations, etc. However, my new main will be a Gnome Brewmaster.
I will if they allow more characters per server.
I will certainly give it a shot... some time. I will leave the work of "debugging" the early stuff to others and play when enough of the kinks are worked out to make the play more fun than frustrating.

Other than that, oh yeah.

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