Will You Level A Pandaren?

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I'll make a monk but not a panda.
If i do make a panda its just to see the story
If Blizzard can get me an extra slot on the server I have an 85 of every class on, I will definitely level a Pandaran Monk. Until that point, I probably won't level one till I can do so. :(
I always thought the lull was just Hellfire Peninsula. It's gotten a little better though.
I'll definitely try one out, probably one on both sides. It depends on how much I like the feel if I get them past their starting area. I'll be so busy on my main, I don't how much attention they'll get.
not only will i lvl a pandarian, but i will race change my warrior and hunter into one.

the racial bonus of double food buff is JUST THAT GOOD.

using current food stuffs...free 90 str/stam?

only wish pandas could be pallys too!
I can't decide whether to roll a monk or a second Shaman.

A second shaman seems silly, but two specs aren't enough!
Yeah... I want a level 90 monk, and I will most likely make it a Pandaren.

I just hope the female pandaren models will be cute and/or sexy! Or else... I dunno.... I'll still level up a monk, but will I chose a sexier/cuter race? I dunno... but most likely.
No!I gonna kick theyr butts like never before!!!!
love how this thread was made by a squid goat from space =/ ya ill roll one.
Absolutely. I'm an altaholic, so I'm compelled to make at least one. I may make more depending on how much I like the start area and racials.

I will level one
Um, heck yes?

Provided, of course, they release it on a reasonable schedule. I've already got a name picked out and have a goblin holding onto it for me.
hell yeah...
I would roll a Panda and level if I enjoy the race, BUT since I have 10 toons currently on my server/account and can not have anymore. I probably will not. Same goes for a Monk

So I hope that Blizzard ups the number of toons per server allowed.
Of course I will :D!

I love playing with the new races/classes. Did it with goblins and worgens, will do it with pandaren too :)
I will roll a Pandaren. I keep hearing alot of people saying they couldn't "take thier self seriously" playing a Pandaren. You're playing a game. Monk tank FTW?
of course I will make a panda. Why? It's a panda. Need I have more of a reason?
I'll probably get one through the starting point. Once we get to the point where you're doing the same leveling quests in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms I'll probably stop. I just don't really have the desire to spend the time taking a new toon through 90 levels.

Ultimately, I subscribe to the concept of enjoying the character you play, and playing as a panda just doesn't interest me.

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