Will You Level A Pandaren?

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Absolutely, if they up the number of characters we have per server. I'll be leveling this guy first, though.
only way im making a monk is if i can have either a free realm transfer or allow an extra player to my already list bc im not deleteing an 85 and even then doubt it the thought of lvling a 8th 85 no........
It's not like I'd be a freak and the only person rolling one, so yeah, why the hell not....

edit: actually, come to think of it, with my distaste of FOTM rerolls on specs and such, NOT rolling one sounds more appealing XD But I will. It took me a while to hop on the Worgen boat, but the racials were just too good to pass up.
i cant lvl the alts i have now so board with the same dungeons and quests. you guy would have to revamp every sector including outland and NE. Crap Cata was fun for about 2 months and the only reason that is cause i have 10 85's that i needed to gear up.You guys say alts are a big part of the game well then you need to really think about the longevity of this next expantion
Race change all my chars to Pandarian!
Already preparing for my panda enhancement shaman. Just need the shoulders and I'm good to go.
I'm sure I'll try it out for kicks, not sure if I will level it though.

Edit: pandaren monk that is.
ill most likely play a pandaren monk from the start. I'ld rather experience the content over race changing (which may have bugs due to pandaren starting neutral)
i am going to level a monk as allience and panda as horde
Most of the "NO's" here are because of maxed character slots.
probably not, i just cant see the pandaren as being all that cool of a character to play. i like characters that look either vicious or very clever which pandaren really doesnt seem to look like to me
o ya am gonna make one named poa
Absolutely, especially after seeing the Pandaren animations. I'd even race change some of my characters to Pandaren assuming I enjoy the Beta and decide to buy the Release. It'll also assume they add an additional character slot so I can try the Monk class. The only thing that throws me off about their animations is the brief "stops" during their jump kick and their /sit.
Sadly, if they don't do a skeletal overhaul on the old races the monk class will look very bland on them, since the newer races have a far more complex skeletal system that allows for interesting animations.

And as it stands only the player BC models will have the most interesting animations out of the Monks since Worgen or Goblin can not be monks.

So I'm hoping for a character model update for the original models for MoP.

Otherwise, yes my monk will be a panda, and sadly not on my main server. (Blast you Character sever cap)
Name is already on hold. :)
Personally for me I will. I want to play through their story and also play as a monk and it's very fitting for how I want to play him and the class too. As for names, I will need to do some research on Chinese names I guess...
Yeah, I'm going to play one from scratch. It'll be interesting.

Probably not a Monk though. I'll make a Monk of another race.

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