Will You Level A Pandaren?

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I'm at least gunna lvl one thru the starting zone atleast
I want a fat old man panderan he looks like a weak teddy bear but years of training and experience have man him into someone who can stand up to any foe!
I'll play one in the beta, but that will be enough to see what's going on....I don't know if i'll make one on release, especially if they don't give us more character slots.

When i'm ready for launch i'll have to go thru all of the races and pick the one that has the awesomest looking moves
Yes, I'll be leveling a Pandaren Monk as my "main" alt.. right after I level my warrior to max.
01/11/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Nethaera
I'll have a Pandaren. I'm not sure what type or if I'll take it to max, but I definitely want to experience as much of their story as possible from that end.

I'm gonna definitely roll me a Pandaren. In fact, I'm gonna race change my main to a Pandaren, because I haven't waited 7 years to play a race that I've longed for for 7 years just to be told that no, I can't race-change my DK to a Pandaren because we've decided that fun shouldn't be allowed. So I'm making it my mission during the beta to, while still testing and helping it get as bug free and tested as possible, keep pressing the idea to let Pandaren become DK's so I can have both my favorite heroes from Warcraft 3 rolled into one.

Definitely gonna race change my warrior to a Pandaren too. And a Monk as well.
Yes. I'll make a Pandaren Priest, most likely, or a Pandaren Rogue.

As far as the Monk class goes, I'm not to keen on it at the moment, though I expect that I'll make a Troll Monk Healer.
If i get an extra char slot or 5.

Otherwise probably not. 10 alts are enough for me.
Since at this point there is absolutely no feature in MoP that makes me want to continue to pay 15 bucks a month once 5.0 drops?

You bet I will! Sanyuan is gonna be all ready to go-- Pandaren Monk, Leather-worker.... not sure what other profession. I always enjoy alts, I'm really looking forward to it.

I really, really want more character slots, though. I'd be willing to pay for it, damn. :|
I am going to be a panda shaman

the early concept art with the pandas made me think how they were serious characters. and how i wanted to be a panda shaman

i might roll a belf monk

most because im interested in seeing the new heals class and how it compares directly against a disc priest
IDK. Ask me again next year when the beta might be out.
Not sure what class she will be but :D
I will! It will be a Shaman!

The Monk is also interesting. I always loved them in RPGs. It will be a Dwarf.

I just don't want a Pandaren Monk. It sounds too... cliché?
Yup, I sure will.

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