Will You Level A Pandaren?

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How many Panda Mages are gonna be called Pancake?
It all depends, really. I can't tell how things are going to be for the race until we are close to the expansion launching. Initially, it appears as though their racials are some of the better ones available to either side. If that remains true at launch, then I very well might make a pandaren monk (never would have thought, I know!).

Whether or not a make a Monk is also dependent on how the class turns out. Very little is known about them aside from they use Kung Fu (which is interesting/appealing), but I will have to see the complexity of the class mechanics and the balance compared to other classes, before I decide to roll one.

Things that would prevent me from rolling one would be if they had simple rotations like hunters/paladins/DKs, or if they were just too powerful coming out of the gate (like DKs).
For sure. I put a lot of focus on my main character, and always have, but I believe it's both enjoyable and valuable to experience all of the classes/races that the game has to offer, and as such have made quite the slew of alts (most of which I've casually leveled to 85 by now). So, I certainly plan on making a Pandaren Monk to check out both the race and the class, but I don't know that I'll have any specific plans for it beyond the usual alt.
ill do the starting quests for pandas then if i like the animations and such ill race change one of my toons most likely.
I will make a Panda... a shaman if I can because in my opinion they are the most fun class. I may stop playing it by the time I hit Outlands though. I hate the Outlands, boring, boring, boring. That is what happened to this alt and a few others that I have deleted, mostly DKs. But... Pandas are why I resubbed (along with the hope I wont be forced to send hours raiding because its the only thing left to do at max levels) :) can't wait to make fluffy panda characters though!
Heck I'd give one a try. I love pandas anyway. ^_^
01/11/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Siegurd
How many Panda Mages are gonna be called Pancake?

omg, i need to save this name on my realm! never thought about it.
Here's a suggestion:

If you have a full character queue on that server, you can petition once every 6 months, to get a free transfer for one character to an underpopulated realm (one marked "New Players" or "Low" population). It's not another slot, but it does let you move your characters around, at no cost, and no systems change on the Blizz side. It's something they could do right now, for players with that many toons.
Of course I am going to make a pandaren. That's like asking a grenade if it's going to explode.
Unfortunately, for me, I think the lore break is going to be too much for me. I'll do the starting areas, like normal for me with all new races.
However, the rest of it is just starting to feel too hodgepodge to me...

We will start out in the new area, travel to Azeroth during the Deathwing phase and the beginning of the Cataclysm (really... I was so wrapped up in the events that I didn't notice some of my companions were PANDAS?!) then go "back in time" again to Outlands/Northrend... and back again to the Cataclysm... and then move forward again...
Sometimes, there has to be separation from lore and gameplay in order for a game to work.
My character slots are full, so I'll probably make one to see the intro quests on some server then drop it.
I don't know what to do on launch, level to 90 and gear up or start my Pandaren Monk.
If you have a full character queue on that server, you can petition once every 6 months, to get a free transfer for one character to an underpopulated realm (one marked "New Players" or "Low" population).

This is a real policy? I have never heard of it. I'd totally take advantage of that.

Not that I love pandaren per se. But I would do it all over again for a new monk class.

I just hope that the female pandaren is not all fat and clumsy.

And ya. If Blizzard does not increase the slots per server, I would be stuck not sure if I should level one at all.
I just realized, Blood Elf monks are going to look so goofy.
I don't think so, with their belly bouncing up and down - the animations on the trailer reminded me of Jungle Book with that silly laughing/dancing bear. I still do not like the idea but whatever.
No. Just no. I can't seem to get an alt more than part way in Outland. No amount of rolly-pollyness will do the trick, I am pretty darn sure.

That's what I get for playing on-and-off (mostly on) for over 7 years...

But then again maybe by 2013 I will be refreshed enough from my long vacation from this game.

rolly-pollyness? Yet you were able to level a male dranei aka a walking fridge

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