Why do you play a Rogue?

Looks like your double post was a mistake.
indeed it was
my first wow character is still a 39 twink rogue
Tbh I never saw myself playing a rogue. Rogue was so pvp centered I was intimidated to try it but after getting to 85 and participating in hardcore pvp I feel like I was made to play the class. I do raid occasionally but have never had more fun in pvp. After 3 expacs of WoW I've found the class I was mean't to play.

(P.S. plus the whole black ops hitman thing is fun too XD)
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did RPG cowardice and not wanting to face your opponent toe to toe have anything to do with your choice? I seriously despise this class....its a nub class that requires minimal skill to play.

This guy would be why I play a rogue.
Rogue's do take skill to play. its not a faceroll class since we wear leather and we still take tons of damage compared to clothies. Good rogues know how to spend their energy wisely and know when to use their CD's.

Before I even played the game I had a friend telling me about the game. Even showed me a couple of Videos of the Game. Once I got a chance to start playing it I picked the Rogue. Mainly because I thought they were very 'Ninja' like.

After six years of playing on, and off I still can not say there is anything that matches the ability to approach an enemy unseen, and attack. Just knowing that the other Player is having that initial reaction to being attacked out of nowhere is satisfying. Especially when that reaction is clearly effecting their ability to defend themselves.

Have played my Main, this Character almost exclusively. Have Alts but can not really get into another Class. Or enjoy others as much as my Rogue. No matter what Blizzard does to the Class Rogues have, and will always be able to pull of some serious shenanigans.
All of the other classes are too boring for me to care about.
i play it because it is what i enjoy. i do pve and some pvp. not as much pvp since well its been awhile have not found a good group that likes to do it. but i find the class enjoyable always have. i think it offers alot of freedom to do silly things other classes cant.
Sapped girls can't say no.
The most beautiful feeling in the world is opening the forums to see a QQ post from someone you killed, obviously aimed at you. Rogues make that happen.

I actually first rolled a rogue for......... RP purposes. It was just in character for this toon to be a rogue and I was too stubborn to give up on it. I loathed playing the class until around the time I hit max level in Wrath. It is a class that takes some experience and skill to play decently and I was not just new to WoW, but MMORPGs in general. Anyway, I'm glad that I was really pedantic about ~dumb RP accuracy~ and stuck with it instead of rerolling as a warrior or a mage or something because Rogue is the best class, haters to the left, would roll again, etc.
Stab sneak stab sneak.
Meh, the class is probably the most fun to play as for the melee side.

Its fun to sneak up, but lately in bgs everyone and their grandmother always expects us. Just like in TF2 how the spy players died out.

Funnest class to play, the shock has died though in pvp.
we sneakz up on dah peepulz

and we recuperatez by eating foods all over the groundz LOL

You are a fool. kthxbai
Melting faces in PvP. Pretty much the only reason anybody plays rogue and why most rogues abilities are really only useful in PvP.
This was my first toon i made when i knew nothing of warcraft and had just started, chose it because undeads looked cool, and the only male that looked cool in its starting clothes were the rogues.

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