(H) profesional guild thief alert

be on the lookout for a level 44-45 tauren survival hunter and alt level 4 shaman, i feel it my civic duty to warn helpful and friendly guild masters and officers of the horde that a thief is in our midsts, he's making a carreer out of this, not just my guild but i've spoken to the one he looted before ours and tracked him to the one he went to the same day he left mine, and unfortunately i was too late, in a matter of hours that i was logged off he had cleaned out another guild bank after mine, i call upon u horde to help stop this petty thief. i can only hope this might reach at least one guild in time to save them the frustration that others have gone thru at the hands of this dispicable character.
To help prevent this type of event from occurring. it's probably a good idea that you create a "probation" guild level for new members which does not have any access to the guild bank until they've proven themselves trustworthy.

If you haven't already, please submit a GM ticket, especially if you feel the thief used some type of exploit to clean out your bank, and they will launch a full investigation which will hopefully end in your stuff being returned.
we did have restrictions in place, although not strict enough aparently, now lower ranked guldies are inconvieneced, because i can't trust anyone...:( they are a lot harsher now, feeling like a dictatorship :( but other guilds have been less fortunate, and have been taken for quite a lot more, (whispers) the ticket was futile, blizz won't get involved. live and learn, i just hope i can save other guilds the violation by giving them the heads up. ty for the reply, lets me know at least someone read this.
Did a GM reply to your ticket specifically stating they refused to take action? It would benefit you to open an additional ticket with your request again. What type of restrictions were in place?

If you had new guild members given explicit permission to clean out an entire bank tab if they choose to, you should be accepting more responsibility. There are systems in place to allow very strict control over guild bank access.

As I mentioned before, you can create an additional level of low-rank guild bank access, giving more control to guild members who you have come to trust over time, reserving the most restrictive access for those who are brand new. This is definitely your best bet.

Good luck.
I understand both sides of what you both are saying. I am most upset at the fact that Blizzard would not help with this issue.

I have a Newbie lvl setup for my own guild and my GM has the same for this Guild. Just the fact that they can't or won't do anything this seems like Blizzard only cares about Money not the players. The "To Bad So Sad" copy and paste comments prove that.

TY Vellocet and Starien for sharing your knowledge. I had this happen a year ago even with my permissions set. I was sick for a week or so and the same thing happened to me. I viewed the log and saw who it was. I kicked the ones I felt needed to go and I reported it. Same thing to bad so sad.

We have more hackers and younger players now. This is no longer a game it is survival of the Guild's for the GM's. Which in turn means stronger restrictions and a Superior Eye for Cons. I know Hun you want to have a friendly and fun Guild. I am sorry that people and Blizzard will no longer Support that concept.
just stopped in for an update on our petty thief..he's leveled up to 46 switched to marksmenship and is sitting in a low level guild currently waiting for the dust to settle, i have had the oportunity to speak with his current gm, explaining in full detail what i've witnessed him doing, and was informed that he has no bank access. so either he knows i'm following him, or theres something really juicy in the guild bank he's at now that he's waiting hoping for access too... have lost track of his level 4 shaman, problally higher level by now, cannot track that one atm she's still below level 10. keep the doors locked and be alert.
well looks like our guiltless thief is on the prowl again, having left the guild he was in due to no bank access, up to level 47 now, i was on a diferent toon last night, spotted him as he ran by targeting every single player in ogr looking for his next victem. i was on another toon, so i followed him into the AH, where i realized the GM of the guild he robbed after me was also following him, and standing next to that GM this thief, either blind to the fact that the two of us were watching him, i get a whisper ....from the theif.....asking if he can join my guild!!! and in a mannor that left me feeling that he's done this so many times, he'd forgoten he'd robbed us already. i /laughed. he asked again, i /spit on the floor and turned and walked away, he began following, whispering ...begging! said he really needed to join a guild please please please....
i am thouroghly bewildered at this point. Please Please be on the lookout for new guild members level 47 tauren hunters and alt level 4 shaman...shut this thief down. this is no longer about me or my guild or our bank, this is about you guys and your guild banks...shutter the windows and bolt the doors. if you've been reading this, alert ur guild, alert ur friends guilds, spread the word.
if you have a guild website you can post this toon's name to, Blizz has no control over that and you are well within your ability to call this individual out by name so no one has to guess.
well met kind dwarf, i've debated about that, but i fear that i skirt the edge just by standing up for myself, my guild and other guilds of ravenholdt. as of this morning our thief, (now level 48) has joined and quit/kicked 3 more guilds today so far... i worry carrying this post along about being banned from the forums or worse with ingame complications.... so, for the time being, this is as good as it gets info wise, i've been alerting the GM's of the guilds he's been joining as he theives his way along, recomending only heavy guild restrictions on him or no access at all with an explanation of his past ways. i'm not sure where the lines of harrasment are, but a thief simply cannot be tollerated.
I had the following happen to me. I let low level guildies, even the lowest and newest members, invite others and have access to all the bank tabs. I tell no one to put anything in there that they don't want anyone to take and allow people to take whatever they want even for the auction house specced alts. Basically I don't really care, and I put a lot of bags like netherweave bags and some glyphs and all kinds of other stuff in there just because I'm filthy rich and I'm the guild master of a level 25 guild. The repair allowance is also set very high, from 5g per day for the lowest levels up to 50g per day for the highest and I promote people strictly based on level. And this has worked out very well for the last couple of years.


A low level alt in booty bay got invited to the guild which is easy to do because everyone can invite and I tell everyone to go ahead and invite anyone who asks to join. Now this level 1 alt takes all he can out of the gbank, invites another low level alt on another account, uses the guild transport to get them from the start location to the guild bank at booty bay, and that alt takes all they can. They rinse and repeat this many times. I finally get suspicious because I notice alts are joining, logging, and then leaving the guild. Since they log and then leave that means they are getting deleted. So I lock up the guild bank.

Now I don't really care that much that things got taken out of the guild bank. I don't need any of it and have several private banks for the things I value. But... this seems especially egregious behavior and I wouldn't have expected it would be something Bliz would tolerate. Sure, guildies can take things out of the guild bank up to the permissions but to make alt after alt and delete them all just to invite more and take everything? That's not going too far? Really Bliz?

Well, it's just going to end up hurting low level toons starting out now who can't get some free and easy starter bags until they hit level 20. Maybe they'll quit by then and bliz will lose even more customers, but my problem wasn't their problem and so their problem isn't my problem. So be it.
So what if this thread is a little necro. I had several incidents the past mornings. It wasn't just one person stealing stuff. It's a group and their working together. Some of them use their withdrawals to reorganize the tabs by making the stack sizes more convenient for stealing. As a precaution I always break expensive items into 1pc stacks so they can't take it all at once. After using their allotted withdrawals to reorganize the tab the others involved took them in stacks which were significantly larger than the method I used to secure them, specifically items such as sha crystals, living steal, blood spirits, elixirs, and trillium.

It really sucks that you have to treat your guild vault like it's on lockdown. Makes it more complicated than it's worth and then people tend not to want to even use it. We're a social guild and trying to have a good time.
Not only is it a necro, but I'm afraid it's on the wrong forum. Turalyon is out of my jurisdiction. Sorry.
Not only is it a necro, but I'm afraid it's on the wrong forum. Turalyon is out of my jurisdiction. Sorry.

Not a bad idea to post it on other forums, tho..cause you casn bet your last gold..that this lot would be targeting other realms as well
When I get 3 blind guild invites followed by a spam welcome whisper a day on my guild-less toon I think of threads like these and wonder how the person who robbed them got invited to their guild in the first place.
09/08/2013 03:05 PMPosted by Cherwinne
Not only is it a necro, but I'm afraid it's on the wrong forum. Turalyon is out of my jurisdiction. Sorry.

Not a bad idea to post it on other forums, tho..cause you casn bet your last gold..that this lot would be targeting other realms as well

Well, except that naming and shaming is against the rules, as is cross-realm posting, (and necroing is kinda frowned upon), so this person is probably being targeted with a little vaycay. I mean, the intentions may be good and all, but the effectiveness of the execution may make one wonder if it's worth the consequences. =\
We're not supposed to post on other realm forums? Huh.
It's not that we can't post on other realm forums. But we're not supposed to spam a post across multiple server forums.

EDIT: Adding relevant rule

Creating Duplicate Threads

This category includes:
  • Creating threads about existing topics
  • Creating a separate thread about an existing topic for further discussion in more than one forum

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:
  • Be given a temporary ban from the forums, depending upon severity

From: http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct
@Landrath: Should I suppose you are speaking about me? If I did get a ban (aka vacay) which I didn't I'm sure it wouldn't be long enough. It's not like I'm living off the forums day to day, if need be I'm sure I could survive indefinitely without coming back. Thanks for making me aware of all the rules I've so flagrantly disregarded.

update: no the GM did not replace any of the items.
update: no the GM did not replace any of the items.

I'm having a really hard time caring about things that happened on a realm I've never heard of.
My advice from a year and a half ago stands. Holy cow, don't keep things like Living Steel in a tab that non-trusted people could potentially clean out.

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