(A) Out of the Ashes 10 man Recruiting

Currently Recruiting for one of our ten man teams.Team Raiding Wednesday/Thursday Nights 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server.

Currently Seeking a elemental Shammy. Looking for players that know there class and will be reliable.Would Like Players to be min ilvl 380 and correctly enchanted and reforged.

Currently 6/8 in dragonsoul working on spine

If interested pls contact us here on forums or whisper myself in game.
... what the Mr. Lutz said!
As of tonight, we are 5/8.

Still seeking a non-druid tank and a resto druid to fill vacant spots.
Tank possie filled.

Looking for resto druid still.

Please contact either myself or Lutz in-game.
Looking for SPriest, ilvl 385+. Having a healing O/S would be awesome.

We are now 6/8 and waving at Death Wing from his Spine >.>
Good luck Axis! =D

If you have a question about any fights let me know I'd love to help ya
Hey Del,

I have a question, why do people just suddenly (and completely) disappear from a raid team :D

Xanth has completely vanished since Christmas :|

That aside, LF a warrior/pally tank, due to our pally tank getting all "dude, real life is so important" type stuff, sheesh. Seriously guys, school is just babysitting for parents.

Soooooo, 1 Spriest and 1 warrior/pally tank pl0x.
Thanks Jirek, I'll mail you if you are still available. Need to talk with another person as well but all good. Cheers!
Bump for recruitment wed/thurs team
Bump for other raid team.

Sun/Mon is now full for useless info.
Also bump for both teams being 7/8.

(come on ele shammy)

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